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A Recovering Addicts Experience
I believe that by letting people in on my journey of self-discovery, my experiences along with sharing what my addiction and recovery mean to me I can give hope that recovery is possible as well as inspire change in those who are still struggling. I want

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A Free Man's 12 Step Podcast
0 414
A 12 step recovery podcast featuring weekly Alcoholics Anonymous speakers
experience strength and hope
0 197
poems of life's lessons both good and bad in and out of sobriety
abbie in wondrland
0 306
A complicated woman/child in longterm recovery learning to Keep it Simple.
Sober Blog
0 290
Musings from a Young Timer
12 Steps Closer to God
0 239
12 Steps Closer to God is a website devoted to walking the 12 steps of any recovery program. Written by a Celebrate Recovery participant and leader, 12StepsCloser is part personal recovery journal, pa
Step 11 dot com
0 185
A moderated blog discussing aspects of the eleventh step of the program of recovery suggested in the book "Alcoholics Anonymous".
A Day At A Time
0 214
A Day At A Time
These daily reflections, prayers and tags of memory-sticking phrases are intended to offer inspiration, comfort and, above all, hope.
0 540
True "outsider art". When I got sober I started drawing and now I cant stop. Check this crazy stuff out.
Some Chick's Blog
0 501
Just some tweeker's white trash kid. Struggling with crystal meth addicton ALMOST destroyed me - I overcame.
0 223
35 year old recovering wife and mother of a 6 year old. In recovery. 1 year of continuous sobriety on 8/08/7. Just trying to deal with every day life sober.
0 264
Fully featured blogging community focused on sober living. Connect, share, and learn. Addicted to drugs or alcohol, in recovery, or treatment? Get a free blog, read about other peoples journey on the
Doctor's Girlfriend
0 235
AA told me to "get a life" and I did. Life happens when you least expect it...:)
Teen Drug Help
0 236
This site is dedicated to providing teens with important and up to date information about the substance abuse issues that face today's teens. This site also includes information about treatment and r
0 401
Personal site about his experience of recovery from alcoholism.
Rae's Confessions
0 249
Rae's Confessions is a blog about my recovery from sex and love addiction, compulsive overeating and codependency.
She's on the Way Back-Beyond AA
0 247
Holistic, Healthy Recovery
What Winners Do
0 351
Addiction recovery from the point of view of a recovering drug addict. The daily struggles and success of trying to do what the winners do are shared with complete honesty.
The Discovering Alcoholic
0 956
The Discovering Alcoholic is an online community built on the premise that the road to recovery is not a dead end...
Improve Our Conscious Contact
0 733
Exploring Step Eleven
The World of an addict
0 266
I am an addict. I am an alcoholic. The truth is everything to me. Writing down the facts and making something out of it is creativity in it's most wonderful form. You can hate what I have to say. You can love it. I really don't care. I have a voice, an
Down in Sunny San Diego
0 1339
After a childhood of abuse and rape, I've acted out inappropriately with food and sex. This is my life today as a person living in recovery in Overeaters Anonymous. Travel on this journey with me.
It's In the Book
0 217
Alcohol gave me wings to fly -- and then it took away the sky. Recovering since 9-1-1995, I believe that it's my time to fly. Find here my thoughts on recovery, as well as meaningful excerpts from recovery literature.
Eclectic Recovery
0 266
Eclectic Recovery is a resource, support environment and community portal for women in recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse. As the name implies, Eclectic Recovery does not subscribe to any one model of recovery, but seeks to integrate all aspects of a
All My Affairs Blog
0 243
Giving back to recovery in all our affairs.
Connemara Dreams
0 222
My name is Shezzi and I'm a grateful recovering alcoholic and food addict...this is my journal to recovery one day at at time through the OA program.
0 310
The place for Jewish recovering addicts, to meet, communicate, and support each other in their recovery
0 229
A sobriety blog written backwards.
Stop, Drop, Recover
0 415
Real Life Recovery.
The Real "Power" Behind Alcoholics Anonymous
0 530
Commencing 2010, this new blog site contains ongoing articles about the real "Power" behind A.A. That power is God, and this site will show you why - at the beginning of A.A. and now!
Joie de Vivre
0 293
A daily account of my struggle to get sober.
With Arms Wide Open
0 242
The story of one man's spiritual experience and awakening. "The Promises" fulfilled.
Rockdweller's Blog
0 418
A freshly baked sober alcoholic.
0 577
One writer\\\'s journey with getting sober, being HIV positive and other hilarious adventures.
13th Stepping
0 283
Words can have multiple definitions and “Thirteenth Stepping” is NO EXCEPTION!

Thirteenth Stepping is the urban myth of recovery. In fact it is three urban myths in one!
Living Life On Fire
0 254
I am newly sober. I have read three auto-biographies of alcoholics in as many days,and see that writing helped these individuals keep their heads in the game. My blog is my journal,and my journey and I am looking for support advice...not only to stay sobe
The Subversive Librarian
0 255
Recovery. Parenting. GLBT issues. And stuff. Lots and lots of stuff.
Imagine the Spirit
0 281
A Place can change your world
0 173
Sobriety date: 9/11/11. I'm the single, shacking up, mom of two boys and a girl. My sponsor says I'm on Step 1. I believe I'm on Step 4. That pretty much says it all.
12 Steps of Recovery
0 278
I am an Adult Child (of an Alcoholic)

…and a 30-something year old woman living in Cape Town, South Africa. My life has been a great struggle, even when things were good, I was waiting for them to
0 195
My blog about sobriety.
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