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Site Of the Moment:

my site is for young adults seeking for support from drug abuse. Share comment and vote on my blog !! thanks

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the world according to dominick
0 182
Humorous, light side of recovery, inspirational
Step 11 dot com
0 185
A moderated blog discussing aspects of the eleventh step of the program of recovery suggested in the book "Alcoholics Anonymous".
In God's Hands
0 503
A journal of recovery
the inconvienent truth
0 291
recovering wife, mother and addict
The Last Chance Texaco
0 1462
My life doesn't even resemble what it was before. Yet sometimes I still think I should be "weller" than this by now...
Sobriety Girl
0 1013
One of the biggest fears of beginning any journey is the unknown. We do not know where the journey will take us and that can be quite scary. What will we uncover? What will we find along the way?
...the anonymous blogger...
0 427
Somebody needs to say it, and since I haven't heard it, I guess it is me...Sober 9 years and this is my experience...
There is a end and a beginning...this is neither...this is the journey...
Some Chick's Blog
0 503
Just some tweeker's white trash kid. Struggling with crystal meth addicton ALMOST destroyed me - I overcame.
Partner Recovery and Relationship Health Blog
0 193
Doctor's Girlfriend
0 238
AA told me to "get a life" and I did. Life happens when you least expect it...:)
Connemara Dreams
0 225
My name is Shezzi and I'm a grateful recovering alcoholic and food addict...this is my journal to recovery one day at at time through the OA program.
Hand in Hand With the Spirit of the Universe
0 362
How i do life, with the help of God, 12 steps, traditions, the principles of AA, a sense of humour, and whatever else teaches me in the day.
Sober Steve
0 192
This is a journey that I have started at age 40 to get me thru the second half of my life sober
Whatever it takes
0 490
Documenting my journey through the twelve steps of Overeaters Anonymous towards sanity and contented abstinence.
0 206
This a Blog I decided to start to share my expereinces in life,and how the power of God has transformed my life.

Frunobulax57 (Recovered Alcoholic)
0 514
I will work 1:1 with ANY alcoholic, FREE. You must be able to travel to Cape Cod, MA and cover your own room and meals. You will spend 30 days with me. Be willing to allow me to speak with your spouse/family members without restriction. Under certain circ
I'm just F.I.N.E.
0 1461
Telling about what it's like to work on recovering from the affects of alcoholism through Al-Anon
Thy Will Not Mine
0 282
Blog of a young artistic woman in recovery.Updated daily.
Just For Todays
0 231
This weblog is intended to help us live the Emotions Anonymous program one day at a time. It has been written by members of Emotions Anonymous for anyone who wants to spend a part of each day with a f
0 465
One person's journey through recovery from depression and alcoholism.
Clean Time For Dummies
0 239
Helpful 12 Step links, Article reviews concerning addict-related topics, humour, and fellowship
Methed Up - life after meth
0 216
Teen Drug Help
0 238
This site is dedicated to providing teens with important and up to date information about the substance abuse issues that face today's teens. This site also includes information about treatment and r
0 403
Personal site about his experience of recovery from alcoholism.
0 266
Fully featured blogging community focused on sober living. Connect, share, and learn. Addicted to drugs or alcohol, in recovery, or treatment? Get a free blog, read about other peoples journey on the
Recovery Muffins
0 214
Baking our way through a joyous life, one day at a time
Addicts Helping Addicts
0 915
AHA or Addicts Helping Addicts is a site devoted to helping those inflicted with the disease of addiction. We provide information, a community with your own profile pages, as well as a highly rated bl
Wanna Peace a Me
0 187
Alcoholism and alcohol related stories in the news and whatever else tickles my fancy.
She's on the Way Back-Beyond AA
0 250
Holistic, Healthy Recovery
What Winners Do
0 352
Addiction recovery from the point of view of a recovering drug addict. The daily struggles and success of trying to do what the winners do are shared with complete honesty.
0 182
I am a young sober mom, learning how to be sober, have fun, parent, and re-claim life as a sober young mom. I am 33, have the most patient man on earth for a husband, 2 insanely creative and obnoxiou
0 194
This blog is a documentation of my journey into and through a new life of sobriety. I will share what has worked for myself and through your comments you can share too.
0 188
i talk about faith,spirituality,and sobriety.
Sobriety Fitness
0 833
...A Healthier Way of Living!

Sobriety Fitness is not all about exercise. It is much more than that. It is the ability to work on ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically while trying to stay
Sober and the City
0 406
I am a sober young professional who writes about having sober fun in NYC
Beyond The Bottle
0 167
A 22 year old girl's journey through sobriety.
0 172
An analysis of the 12-Step Recovery Movement
Treatment Talk
0 332
A place to share about addiction, recovery, treatment and more.
All Who Wander are not Lost
0 341
A journey of recovery, life, living life and all that life can be...Sober!
Recovery Quest
0 267
one recovering alcoholic's journey to self-discovery.
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