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Site Of the Moment:
And My Name Is John

I am passionate about my sobriety, and I am passionate about writing, and this is my experience, strength and hope on a number of sobriety-related topics.

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0 399
Personal site about his experience of recovery from alcoholism.
0 262
Fully featured blogging community focused on sober living. Connect, share, and learn. Addicted to drugs or alcohol, in recovery, or treatment? Get a free blog, read about other peoples journey on the
The Discovering Alcoholic
0 955
The Discovering Alcoholic is an online community built on the premise that the road to recovery is not a dead end...
What Winners Do
0 349
Addiction recovery from the point of view of a recovering drug addict. The daily struggles and success of trying to do what the winners do are shared with complete honesty.
Methed Up - life after meth
0 211
I’m an addict. My friends call me Chris. I’m a Mormon & an Eagle Scout, the last guy most people would suspect would be strung out. This is my story.
Wanna Peace a Me
0 181
Alcoholism and alcohol related stories in the news and whatever else tickles my fancy.
She's on the Way Back-Beyond AA
0 246
Holistic, Healthy Recovery
Doctor's Girlfriend
0 233
AA told me to "get a life" and I did. Life happens when you least expect it...:)
Teen Drug Help
0 235
This site is dedicated to providing teens with important and up to date information about the substance abuse issues that face today's teens. This site also includes information about treatment and r
Stop, Drop, Recover
0 414
Real Life Recovery.
Connemara Dreams
0 221
My name is Shezzi and I'm a grateful recovering alcoholic and food addict...this is my journal to recovery one day at at time through the OA program.
All My Affairs Blog
0 242
Giving back to recovery in all our affairs.
Voyage of The Sobernaut
0 284
I used to drink. I quit. I write about it. But in a funny, entertaining way. I hope.
0 227
A sobriety blog written backwards.
Improve Our Conscious Contact
0 732
Exploring Step Eleven
The World of an addict
0 265
I am an addict. I am an alcoholic. The truth is everything to me. Writing down the facts and making something out of it is creativity in it's most wonderful form. You can hate what I have to say. You can love it. I really don't care. I have a voice, an
0 308
The place for Jewish recovering addicts, to meet, communicate, and support each other in their recovery
Live Sober
0 165
Get warning sign about alcohol abuse and addiction so that you can live sober and stay that way. This site is not only for the alcoholics but for families as well.
Heritage Home Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center Blog
0 242
Drug and alcohol addiction news and information from Heritage Home Addiction Treatment Centre.
Alcoholic Blog How I became an Alcoholic, Alcoholism and Alcoholic Problems became my Life
0 259
Alcoholic Blog How I became an Alcoholic, Alcoholism and Alcoholic Problems became my Life in AA and a story of Alcoholism and Alcohol problems unique to the Alcoholic
Alpha Chick
0 292
Dedicated to helping women transform their lives and break free from the bondage of addiction and low self esteem
The Circle Game of Sobriety
0 425
One Woman's Journey of Recovery
Drunk On The Run
0 178
Hello. My name is Britain, and I'm a drunk. I'm a copywriter trying to get sober in the booze-fueled industry that is advertising. Not long ago I got my drinking card revoked. This is my story.
Life in the Meadow
0 384
Living life on life's terms as a newly sober 30 year old woman. A stepmom, sister, dog mom, wife who is living one day at a time
0 228
the struggle for sobriety & sanity - i suppose
0 488
A young wife and mother shares openly and honestly about the road of recovery from alcoholism. Site is updated usually one to two times a month and bases topics off of real life experiences.
Alpha Chick
0 334
The purpose of the site is to inspire women to take control of their lives, face their pain and access their power. I share my personal journey of alcoholism and recovery.
Sassy Sadie
0 173
Hi, I'm Sarah. I moved to New York from Nashville, TN in April of 2008, which is also when I began my journey to get clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. I am in graduate school to be a high school teacher. I live in Brooklyn in a cozy studio apartment
October O Nine
0 578
I am a suburban housewife with three boys. I am also a recovering alkie who likes to blog about life after booze.
Imagine the Spirit
0 280
A Place can change your world
Rockdweller's Blog
0 417
A freshly baked sober alcoholic.
0 573
One writer\\\'s journey with getting sober, being HIV positive and other hilarious adventures.
13th Stepping
0 282
Words can have multiple definitions and “Thirteenth Stepping” is NO EXCEPTION!

Thirteenth Stepping is the urban myth of recovery. In fact it is three urban myths in one!
With Arms Wide Open
0 241
The story of one man's spiritual experience and awakening. "The Promises" fulfilled.
Living Life On Fire
0 253
I am newly sober. I have read three auto-biographies of alcoholics in as many days,and see that writing helped these individuals keep their heads in the game. My blog is my journal,and my journey and I am looking for support advice...not only to stay sobe
0 172
Sobriety date: 9/11/11. I'm the single, shacking up, mom of two boys and a girl. My sponsor says I'm on Step 1. I believe I'm on Step 4. That pretty much says it all.
12 Steps of Recovery
0 277
I am an Adult Child (of an Alcoholic)

…and a 30-something year old woman living in Cape Town, South Africa. My life has been a great struggle, even when things were good, I was waiting for them to
The Subversive Librarian
0 254
Recovery. Parenting. GLBT issues. And stuff. Lots and lots of stuff.
Recovery and Me!
0 248
My blog is to help my self during my recovery and to also hopefully help another addict.
The Sober Traveler
0 212
My journey through recovery has taken me to Ireland and to discover things about myself that never would have been possible otherwise. My honest and hopefully encouraging reflections. Updated Weekly.
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