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My Side of the Street
I am 44, hiv+ now going on 18 years, I am 10+ years clean and sober. I live in Montreal, I am married to my partner Peter and I am retired from education and into the next stage of my sober life.

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Miracle Maker
0 186
Sober reflects on the journey.
Adams Organizing: Promoting simplicity and serenit
0 432
Focusing on recovery principles, Elise Adams offers practical tools and solutions for the CHAOS that threatens our sobriety. From Clutter, to Home issues, Addictions and relapse, Office/room and time
my junkie life
0 480
The everyday life of a recovering alcoholic/addict. This is a blog dedicated to the experience of sobriety and living the 12 steps in our daily life. Finding peace, acceptance, light and love.
0 191
Al-Anon & COSA recovery, from a lesbian who inherited the family disease of Alcoholism. I am seeking acceptance and compassion from my Higher Power for myself, my family, and my ex-partner.
No More Wining
0 183
A 50-something, self-employed woman with a golden retriever, a laptop and a will to stay sober writes of the journey, and any scrap of inspiration found along the way.
Dr. Bob and Alcoholics Anonymous
0 254
Devoted exclusively to information about A.A. co-founder Robert Holbrook Smith, M.D. (affectionately called Dr. Bob)detailing facts about his training in the Bible, his youngster days in Vermont, the
0 279
Sober Mom of 2, wife of one amazing man who is documenting life in recovery
a lifetime of more...
0 163
we are all given one lifetime to live. here's to making the most of it... this is my story.

Awakened Recoveries – Finding Your Path to Twelve Step Recovery from Alcoholism and Addiction
0 260
Awakened Recoveries is a Twelve Step Recovery Blog Founded by Gregg D., a Recovered Alcoholic. Both People New to the Twelve Steps and Those That Have Years of Experience Will Benefit from Gregg's 12 Step Articles and Videos.
Experience, Strength, Hope
0 469
Life with addiction, mental illness, sobriety, recovery, and God authored by a crazy woman who is a recovered alcoholic, a wife, a mother, and an adult child of alcoholic parents
The Twelfth Suggestion
0 200
thoughts, ramblings and ideas about living the program.

Twelfth Suggestion is dedicated to studying and discussing the application of 12-step recovery to daily living.
Beacon Hall
0 190
Sober Blog
0 628
My 26+-year-sobriety is at the foundation of my good life and all that I blog about: pets, yoga, aging, family, politics, the environment, joy and sadness.
Happy Recovery
0 356
Positive meaningful recovery is living life to its fullest. Living a Purposeful Clean and Sober Life takes focusing on what we want and not solely on our challenges!
In Gods Goodness
0 228
A 12 Step Christian blog. I have daily meditations with a Big Book passage, A scripture and a prayer. Also other 12 step and biblical writings.
Sober Mama's Musings
0 178
I am a sober alcoholic woman, mother, wife. I work full time, I parent my two children when not at work, I struggle for balance in life. This is my journal.

Today I Went for a Walk
0 202
Today I went for a walk...
I am a recovering alcoholic trying to get to know myslef by taking daily walks and sharing my discoveries along the way.
Breathing Lessons
0 217
Breathing Lessons; Living life sober
A Boldness of Spirit
0 401
Straight talk about my addiction and where I was and where I am now. I am honest, loyal, loving and tolerant of other people's religious beliefs even if you are not a believer.
0 178
Bert's Big Adventure
0 168
Having been fed up for too long with being a binge-drinking, overweight, and an inconsistently healthy member of society, I've decided to go completely sober as a present to myself on my 28th birthda
0 179
Experience, strength and hope for compulsive overeaters working the Overeaters Anonymous recovery program.
Sober and Sassy
0 153
Just a sober Mom giving her sober thoughts a home.
she don't want the world
0 163
My Recovery from Gambling Addiction
0 319

Addiction and Recovery related thoughts
---Is it a choice?
---Is biology a factor?
---How does one break free....and stay that way.
0 310
A journal of my stories, experiences and thoughts while getting beyond my addiction. I started this site the day after I decided I wanted to be sober, March 8, 2010. Come join me on the flipside..
The True Thoughts Of A Alcoholic/MOTHER
0 240
The road and day to day ups and downs in recovery. The body heals and the mind to follow....
0 235
sober. video. blog

I, Agnostic
0 381
as an agnostic, i struggle to find how i fit in with program and how program fits in with me; this is what i know so far
0 217
Alcoholism Recovery and the Law of Attraction
Answers in Sobriety
0 189
Answers to questions on how to live sober day to day, including questions from readers, and daily/weekly posts on sober topics. Advice for sober people who are having trouble or are in crisis in their sobriety.
A Passion for Jaywalking
0 273
One woman's adventures in AA, advertising and parenting.
Recovery Arts
0 379 is a blog for and about: Recovery Poetry, Recovery Music, and Recovery Art. We hope serves as a voice for those struggling with addiction to communicate their thoughts/emotions in a
Partner Recovery and Relationship Health Blog
0 190
I founded SerenityWorks™ Life-Coaching to help spouses, partners and families of addicts to move forward with their lives in early recovery. I am a certified ICF Life Coach, Imago Coach and member of
0 190
This blog is a documentation of my journey into and through a new life of sobriety. I will share what has worked for myself and through your comments you can share too.
The Invertebrate Linchpin's Sobriety Journal
0 193
0 190
Your source for info about substance abuse, health, spirituality and more.
Doubt. Hope. Recovery.
0 193
This blog documents, as the title says, my doubt, hope and recovery in relation to the 12 steps and 12 traditions of Overeaters Anonymous. Please comment on posts and share with your friends! I can always be reached at
sober city
0 217
looking to be honest, find myself, expose myself, and consider sobrietey, as well as life, and things related to it...
Recovery Stuff
0 185
Recovery blog from my eating disorder.
12 Steps 1 God
0 258
12 Steps 1 God is blog about my personal journey to find sobriety, myself, and God as a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. I’m simply a person like you.It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is how our
Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Ramblings
0 199
Alcoholism and drug addiction discussion from a 13 years sober member of AA.
Another Real Alcoholic
0 269
I want to share my journey, the good and bad, with practicing these spiritual principles in all my affairs.
Three Routes
0 485
A woman who has found her way to a higher powered life, gratefully pays homage to the three 12 step programs that keep her on the path.
Celtic Crossing
0 379
I am a recovering alcoholic working on my continuing relationship with God and my family. I am facing my past so that I can have a better future.
0 227
A recovering drug addict and alcoholic, John W. lives in Hollywood, CA and blogs about his journey in recovery.
Better Man
0 206
Workin' the steps.
Reverend Johnny Dragon
0 338
One thing is for sure, I am on a spiritual journey. I discovered something through my struggles with alcohol and drugs. I needed to connect with something bigger than myself.
The Uphill Journey to Sobriety
0 211
What it says on the tin.
Read from bottom up.
Drunk In Cardiff
0 285
Struggling towards sobriety, or sensible drinking after years of suffering from alcohol and depression problems.
Recovery Now
0 174
Recovery Now is a new blog that is intended to offer news, education, and support for people in recovery or wanting to learn more about alcoholism or addiciton.
Empty Blue Eyes
0 174
A tale of an attempt at sober living by an 18-year-old pill head.
The Effective Spirit
0 539
The Effective Spirit is about living our dreams, helping others, living with purpose, being exceptional, stepping away from the crowd, overcoming adversity, recovery, faith, Christianity, compassion.
No Jewish Addicts... and Other Myths
0 186
We don't like to admit it, but Jews DO use. We can make a difference if we let others know this truth. Please contribute your personal or family experiences with addiction to substances or behaviors.
One Day at a Time
0 204
I follow a strict food plan and document my food on my blog. I also blog my feelings and thoughts. As I start to work the steps of Overeaters Anonymous and really work the program, I'll blog that too
Early Recovery Blog
0 410
A blog for the newcomer to sobriety. When you are new to recovery, when the idea of being clean and sober seems too much - take heart and know that you are not alone.
Get to the Inside
0 389
Written by a Licensed Professional Counselor-- thoughts, poetry, articles and information on addiction, recovery, spirituality, love and intimacy, and 12 steps
Be Free Again
0 161
A web log that has video and written short stories involving recovery. The goal is to spread Hope! Take a step to be free again!
36 Principles
0 266
A site for the general discussion of the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.
*~*Cross Addicted*~*
0 305
Complicated Woman-child learning to keep it simple. Christianity + Recovery = Cross Addicted
Just Another Day
0 227
A Recovering Addict’s Ongoing Journey from Death to Life and All of the Crazy Places in Between...
All Who Wander are not Lost
0 309
A blog about my life, recovery, love, joy, and the pursuit of living each day, one day at a time.
0 181
General blog with entries on sobriety, AA.
Bob Francis, LICDC
0 202
I talk about AA
Live Sober
0 165
Get warning sign about alcohol abuse and addiction so that you can live sober and stay that way. This site is not only for the alcoholics but for families as well.
Heritage Home Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center Blog
0 242
Drug and alcohol addiction news and information from Heritage Home Addiction Treatment Centre.
0 567
My journey through sobriety and my life as a single Mom.
Seemingly Hopeless
0 170
Recovering from a seemingly hopeless state of mind in Austin, TX.
Living Life Sober
0 214
An alcoholic and an addict starts a new life sober. Read posts about my struggles, lessons and AA meetings, starting from only a few hours sober.
Jump and then Build Wings
0 464
Recovering from the lifelong affects of living with the disease and being an alcoholic.

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