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All Who Wander are not Lost
A journey of recovery, life, living life and all that life can be...Sober!

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A Recovering Addicts Experience
0 180
I believe that by letting people in on my journey of self-discovery, my experiences along with sharing what my addiction and recovery mean to me I can give hope that recovery is possible as well as inspire change in those who are still struggling. I want
Cerebral Sobriety
0 19
A site dedicated to mindfulness and philosophical approaches to sobriety.
Catlin Wellness And Nutrition
0 22
This blog is about sharing health and wellness information for women in recovery.
A Story of Healing
0 24

a story of healing: in sobriety, in relationships, through addiction, in life and love, and in all the other big huge moments of fear and magic that we rarely talk about, but we should.
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0 21
Free Falling into A Sober Life
A blog about quitting my dysfunctional relationship with booze.
0 22

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Lost Causes Hope
0 21

To Be Free

Just looking to share some of my honest experiences in recovery and life in general.
0 26
A humorous but heartfelt account of a suburban mom's journey into sobriety and recovery.
You're Worth the Fight- Recovery is Beautiful!
0 19

I am a woman of integrity. I am loving & I am strong. My experiences have shaped who I've become. I have learned so much along the way that I hope can help others! My blog is a story of hope, support
0 18

Gay erotic Story blog
Sober Mom
0 11
Sober Women and Mom Blogs
Carla Vista Sober Living
0 11

After a decade of treatment, it took one more try before our founder got his hopeóand lifeóback. When he and a friend committed to sobriety, they dreamed of opening a sober living home to provide the
Becoming Sober
0 9
Becoming: Sober is here to provide tips & tricks to help eliminate alcohol. With an honest account of how it feels to first negotiate the sober-sphere, it's all about the journey to becoming whatever you want to be
Sober or Bust
0 9
One millennial's journey from alcohol abuse and addiction to sobriety.
0 10
Hazelden published my book "A Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery." My company, ROC Recovery Services offers: recovery consulting, recovery coaching, and treatment placement.
Alcohol Drug Rehad
0 10
How to Choose a Drug or Alcohol Rehab
Learn how to find the alcohol drug rehab rehabilitation center that best suits your needs and find out more about what rehab is really like.
Hope From Dope
0 13
I am an author and blogger that shares my personal story of recovery. I share a lot of stories of my addiction and recovery to show people to the best of my ability how hard it is to fight addiction and how rewarding recovery can be. I also share a lot of
Recovery, as it comes.
0 10
A personal journal explaining my process of getting sober and what it truly means and how we can fight it. If we don't stick together, what do we really got?
God Walked Into This Bar
0 29
This is my story of my voyage with my Co-Writer, My Higher Power to sobriety via the internet. It was here that I reclaimed my life. You have your own voyage to plot, your own stars to follow whether you choose my path or choose another with AA, or with o
Sober Waitress
0 8
I started this blog on day 6 of my sobriety- I'm attempting to quit drinking while working in the restaurant business in hopes of a happier and healthier life.
0 176
My site is a comic and dark tail of my journey to sobriety (currently 1 month) Looking at 10 years of alcohol abuse from 18-28 and revisiting times of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts whilst
Legal Steroids
0 157

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Bridging the Gap
0 166

Bridging the Gap between a life in active alcoholism to the experiences of sobriety.
NewBridge Recovery Blog
0 46

This blog is dedicated to providing information and resources about addiction and recovery. New articles are posted almost daily and can be helpful to the struggling addict or even professional health
0 169
At ViralRecovery, our mission is simple: to celebrate recovery and help remove the stigma often associated with addiction.

* In our humble opinion, stories of recovery should spread faster than those of addiction. Thatís what we intend to do, and we ne
Diary of a Former Drunk Girl: My Journey Through S
0 64
My Journey through sobriety and living with my parents at 25. The ups and downs of a former drunk girl finding her path in an unfamiliar sober world.
0 51

Spiritual But Not Religious Sobriety - we do not like the religious dogma in sobriety literature and meetings but we are not atheists or agnostics. We believe in a Higher Something.
what was I thinking!?
0 78
my road to recovery
Legal Steroids
0 37

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Spilled Wine
0 185
I am quitting drinking in 2016. In Spilled Wine, I will record that journey and my discoveries, especially about alcohol and women.
Doing It Sober - Checked Baggage Only
0 43

A sober travelers journey of leaving emotional baggage behind.
SBK Studio
0 26

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Journey to Courage
0 30
A very personal journal of one women's solo journey cross country to face her fears and grow stronger in recovery.
Transformation is Real
0 31
Transformation is Real shares stories of change, how change happens, and illustrates the different ways people have found recovery.
SobrieTea Party
0 55
Swapping out booze for tea in NYC
0 54
Follow my journey of sobriety.
Coming Clean
0 56
Brief insights from an ordinary 38-year-old woman in recovery from alcoholism.
0 183
Musings on all things recovery-social, political, the New Recovery Advocacy movement, Recovery Oriented System of Care
More Than Sober
0 197
A personal recovery blog including recommendations of reviews of recovery resources, addicted art and addiction news.
Against The Waves
0 117

The joys and experiences of living an alcohol-free life in a world that expects me to drink.
0 1
Canada's #1 Self-Help/Recovery website.
Lifestyle Sober
0 240

A lifestyle blog full of musings and tips on living a concious and creative life- without alcohol.
Drying Out Loud
0 228
0 12
Life,Liberty and the pursuit of sobriety
My Life Sober
0 131
Personal alcoholic & recovery blog. The authors personal experience being a mom, wife & daughter through alcoholism & sobriety. Life stories & advice from someone who has been through it all.
Let Go Absolutely
0 129
Living In Spirit
0 144
Daily spiritual messages geared towards those in recovery. Keeping in mind the principles of patience, tolerance, kindliness and love.
0 199
Sober health, wealth and happiness - writing about sobriety from many perspectives.
Granny Gets Sober
0 380
Typical blog about me on my sober journey. The only difference might be the fact that I'm a Granny, not a young mother. Conscious living, meditation,quotes, etc.
Waking Up the Ghost
0 545
For ten years I was a functioning (and then not so functioning)alcoholic. I'm trying my hand at sobriety and blogging about the journey. Wish me luck people - I'm temperate in a tipsy world!
Essentials Of Recovery
0 606

This site contains loads of recovery stuff. Daily Reflections, Meditations, Quotes, Speakers, NA Stuff, 12 step stuff, native American,, Zen and loads more to help anyone recovering from addiction.
Addicted to Sobriety
0 257
Sober accountability blogging
Sober Sunday Someday
0 71
Journey to a sober life.
Life on Planet Earth...
0 152
The story of my encounters with life and alcohol until I became a recovering alcoholic and perhaps beyond some day.
6 Year Hangover
0 400

Iím an artist living in New York City trying to get sober for the second time.
Sober Something
0 198
This is a personal account of my battle with alcohol addiction and my journey to and through sobriety. Itís about the lessons I have learned along the way and the lessons I am still learning as the days turn into weeks, months and years and every day of
Voices of Treatment
0 113
Weíve centralized everything for drug treatment mental health questions and answers. Weíve talked to hundreds of parents, friends, and families who have loved ones struggling with addiction and are un
The Sober Heart
0 267
Reflections on love, life and recovery from a recovering journalist.
And My Name Is John
0 238

I am passionate about my sobriety, and I am passionate about writing, and this is my experience, strength and hope on a number of sobriety-related topics.
0 255
sober blogging to save my now non-drinking sanity
0 374
Nimble Foundation conducts voice culture, personality development, presentation skills, business English workshops and online courses for professionals and students throughout the year. Corporate training for various objectives is also conducted pan India
Kari On...and On
0 239
Single. Sober. Hermit. Without kids. In her 30's. Not a 12 step group member.
0 256
Shatterproof is a bold, new national organization committed to protecting our children from addiction to alcohol or other drugs and ending the stigma and suffering of those affected by this disease.
Serenity Wheel
0 113
This blog is about living the Serenity Prayer, one day at a time. It wonít be easy, but we can learn to stop wasting time trying to change the things we canít and start to make real progress toward changing the things we can.
0 248
Join me as I begin the journey.
Wicked Soba
0 314
My addiction and recovery from heroin. I also kept a journal while I was in prison and I have started to share some of my journal entrees to add to my blog. It's real, it's raw.
Kmh twelve steps
0 105
My blog discusses how AA helped me with depression and has given me a life beyond my wildest dreams.
Sparkling Sober
0 239
Goodbye sparkling wine! Hello Sparkling Me!
My Journey Out of Darkness
0 125

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