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Site Of the Moment:
Australian mother of two writes with brutal honesty and dark humour about the challenges she faces every day as she deals with chronic pain, recovery from alcohol addiction, dealing with mental illnes

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Wanna Peace a Me
0 181
Alcoholism and alcohol related stories in the news and whatever else tickles my fancy.
Granny Gets Sober
0 382
Typical blog about me on my sober journey. The only difference might be the fact that I'm a Granny, not a young mother. Conscious living, meditation,quotes, etc.
Sober Sunday Someday
0 72
Journey to a sober life.
Waking Up the Ghost
0 547
For ten years I was a functioning (and then not so functioning)alcoholic. I'm trying my hand at sobriety and blogging about the journey. Wish me luck people - I'm temperate in a tipsy world!
Essentials Of Recovery
0 608

This site contains loads of recovery stuff. Daily Reflections, Meditations, Quotes, Speakers, NA Stuff, 12 step stuff, native American,, Zen and loads more to help anyone recovering from addiction.
Voices of Treatment
0 114
We’ve centralized everything for drug treatment mental health questions and answers. We’ve talked to hundreds of parents, friends, and families who have loved ones struggling with addiction and are un
Sober Something
0 201
This is a personal account of my battle with alcohol addiction and my journey to and through sobriety. It’s about the lessons I have learned along the way and the lessons I am still learning as the days turn into weeks, months and years and every day of
6 Year Hangover
0 401

I’m an artist living in New York City trying to get sober for the second time.
Methed Up - life after meth
0 210

I’m an addict. My friends call me Chris. I’m a Mormon & an Eagle Scout, the last guy most people would suspect would be strung out. This is my story.
Let Go Absolutely
0 130
0 308

The place for Jewish recovering addicts, to meet, communicate, and support each other in their recovery
The Watershed Blog
0 157

Addiction Industry News, Recovery Related Topics, and Stories of Hope from drug and alcohol addiction to recovery.
0 221
35 year old recovering wife and mother of a 6 year old. In recovery. 1 year of continuous sobriety on 8/08/7. Just trying to deal with every day life sober.
Eclectic Recovery
0 264
Eclectic Recovery is a resource, support environment and community portal for women in recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse. As the name implies, Eclectic Recovery does not subscribe to any one model of recovery, but seeks to integrate all aspects of a
Some Chick's Blog
0 499
Just some tweeker's white trash kid. Struggling with crystal meth addicton ALMOST destroyed me - I overcame.
The Privileged Addict
0 712
The Privileged Addict blog is a forum about spiritual growth and action, addiction and recovery, and Twelve Step principles. The wisdom of the Twelve Step process is the same wisdom contained within the core of any religious or spiritual tradition through
0 155
A life serene is exactly what I strive for with every breath. I hope you appreciate my humility, drive, and passion for life. My sobriety date is 3/4/2010.
0 142
Self-Employed. Sober. Shopaholic.
Sobriety Girl
0 1009

One of the biggest fears of beginning any journey is the unknown. We do not know where the journey will take us and that can be quite scary. What will we uncover? What will we find along the way?
Running Sober - A Journey of Recovery
0 316
RunningSober is dedicated to those individuals in recovery that share a passion for running.
Being Sober
0 287
Recovery or Bust
0 252
My site is a blog about my experiences in recovery. It also includes recovery literature from NA and AA and links to many other 12 step programs
Addiction Recovery for Dummies
0 230
Just starting out but this blog is about my personal journey past a present. A very wise woman and someone very close to me suggested I do this as part of my recovery and so I am going to do. I had th
Misadventures of a Modern Mommy
0 224
Buddhist-centric recovery blog with plenty about parenting, mindfulness, and being human.
0 272
The blog offers hope and encouragement to families in recovery.
Soberity and Prosperity
0 344
My site is about recovery and what has help me to stay sober. I also write about hobbies.
Rising Woman
0 329
Obsessive writer. Non-practicing alcoholic. Cancer survivor. Hardcore caffeine lover. Die-hard optimist with a dark side. A work in progress. All these things are me.
Recovery on Film
0 126
I'm blogging a set of daily meditations I'm working on based on movie quotes:
Through the Glass Darkly
0 151
A woman's journey into one full year of sobriety.
The Life of A Recovering Addict
0 393
My Blog Features My Own Experiences Being a College Student who has to Juggle School, Love, Family and a Life Recovering from Addiction. Ill be sharing the ways I take on life's challenges. All while giving you a unique perspective through the Eyes of a F
Drunky Drunk Girl
0 839
A blog about getting sober, written by a woman who loves (or, loved) wine.
Living Day by Day as a Recoveing Addict
0 262
My thoughts, revelations, experiences, and random bits of wisdom I encounter during my ever continuing recovery from addiction.
In God's Hands
0 502
A journal of recovery
0 143
Sober musings on relationships, sponsees, steps, recovery, etc..
0 230
here we spread the knowledge of alcohol & chemicals
The Pink Cloud of Sobriety
0 290

Sobriety and recovery are beautiful things. I want to help those who want it, by finding pleasure in the mundane.
Lets Talk Recovery
0 112
Dealing with the step work and what is involved in working a program of recovery and living a life of recovery.
Building Relationship With God (CarlonLScott)
0 262

This is my personal blog. Being sober since 9-3-09, I am focused on having “relationship with God”. My mission is to help you establish, re-establish, nurture, strengthen and grow your relationship wi
0 250
In 2003, a month after my only son died from an accidental drug overdose, I started a blog called “staticpoetboy” in his memory. In 2008, I admitted my powerlessness over alcohol and entered a progr
Will For Sobriety
0 123
Reflections on my trials, tribulations and triumphs from alcoholism to sobriety.
brought to you by the letter A
0 235
My journey to sobriety as a twenty something single mom
The Last Chance Texaco
0 1459

My life doesn't even resemble what it was before. Yet sometimes I still think I should be "weller" than this by now...
the world according to dominick
0 181
Humorous, light side of recovery, inspirational
0 248
Recovered alcoholic who shares about all things alcoholism. Personal stories, spiritual quotes from every religion/spiritual practice I can find. Quotes from Big Book, sayings from the rooms, jokes, c
State of Grace
0 233
A 30 something sober upper west sider exploring all facets of recovery and on a spiritual quest for self and higher power.
Definition of Addiction
0 269

A collection of well researched drug and alcohol addiction articles pertaining to every aspect of the field of addiction!
It's In the Book
0 216
Alcohol gave me wings to fly -- and then it took away the sky. Recovering since 9-1-1995, I believe that it's my time to fly. Find here my thoughts on recovery, as well as meaningful excerpts from recovery literature.
Down in Sunny San Diego
0 1337
After a childhood of abuse and rape, I've acted out inappropriately with food and sex. This is my life today as a person living in recovery in Overeaters Anonymous. Travel on this journey with me.
Becoming Clean and Sober
0 129
My inanition is to be fully conscious
Maya June's Sobering Adventure
0 192
Newly sober mom, wife and teacher trying to sort it all out.
cleaning up behind the bar
0 251
An introduction to sobriety for an actively employed bartender.
449 Blog
0 132
Just starting but it will be my struggle with BDD and alcoholism.
High Bottom
0 153
I’m a recovering alcoholic on a mission to help other women (and the occasional man too) discover that recovery can be amazing and open up to a world of peace, joy and excitement that we never knew wh
Discovering Beautiful
0 132

Just a person in Recovery, 7 years. I share my thoughts, strengths, victories and epic fails with the internet world. Addict turned Substance abuse counselor student, living one day at a time -sober.
God, Drugs and Thugs
0 297
Drug addiction, two divorces, the loss of my children, lost jobs, etc. woke me up to the fact that I can't keep trying to be something I'm not. So I stopped. And found myself to be awesome.
Stop, Drop, Recover
0 413

Real Life Recovery.
0 244

I am Emily! And I am a alcoholic. I started to be my personal journey of my recovery, but after a few very public appearances it became much more that that-it became a special place for
recovery required
0 201
One 40 year old girl's journey in her first year of sobriety.
The Soberist Blog
0 399
An ex-party girl works hard to become a happy, sober Mama.
0 114
Sobriety is awesome!!!
Sober Bastard
0 278
Tips, tricks & anecdotes about getting sober- this ain't your kumbaya sobriety blog.
0 225
A sobriety blog written backwards.
Voyage of The Sobernaut
0 284
I used to drink. I quit. I write about it. But in a funny, entertaining way. I hope.
I am the face of an addict
0 327
Hi, Im Rachel I am new to the whole blogging at getting help online and I gain a lot from all of your sites posts. I a wondering if you have an insights or suggestions into how I can advertise/publicize my post without having to actually people the url?
Thomas Hill: A Long and Winding Road
0 256
Personal blog discussing recovery journey and AA
0 227

Spiritual River Addiction Help and Alcoholism Treatment -
Can't Keep A Sober Girl Down
0 287
Sober Living -Live a Big Life! Sober girl. Sober woman. Recovery.
Sober by Choice
0 268
Thoughts on living sober, life, yoga and food
0 220
A very real and truthful look at life in recovery.
All My Affairs Blog
0 242

Giving back to recovery in all our affairs.

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