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Site Of the Moment:
12 Steps Closer to God
12 Steps Closer to God is a website devoted to walking the 12 steps of any recovery program. Written by a Celebrate Recovery participant and leader, 12StepsCloser is part personal recovery journal, pa

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The Sober Life
0 270
Stories of Experience, Strength, and Hope in Recovery and after Addiction.
alcoholism recovery
0 877

Everything you ever wanted to know about alcohol. What it can do to you and what you can do about it!
Sober Effects
0 310

A personal account of the effects that sobriety is having on my life and musings on what my life was like then compared to what it is like now.
0 161
A life serene is exactly what I strive for with every breath. I hope you appreciate my humility, drive, and passion for life. My sobriety date is 3/4/2010.
0 151
Self-Employed. Sober. Shopaholic.
0 244
Empowered Doctor offers an Latest breaking health news, Medical news with video stories. Empowered Doctor also has a local doctor directory so you can find a doctor in your area
Can't Keep A Sober Girl Down
0 291
Sober Living -Live a Big Life! Sober girl. Sober woman. Recovery.
0 230

Spiritual River Addiction Help and Alcoholism Treatment -
Hawaii Island Recovery Alcohol & Drug Rehab
0 253
Empowering My Sobriety
0 255
Documenting my 'get sober mentality'.
Reads and Recovery
0 279
An over thinker's thoughts on life. Recovery has adapted so many of those thoughts.
steadyrehab - help with alcoholism
0 145

A UK blog based website supporting sufferers of alcoholism. Advice and contacts. Help and support for friends and family of those concerned.
Internet dating service
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Discovering Beautiful
0 135

Just a person in Recovery, 7 years. I share my thoughts, strengths, victories and epic fails with the internet world. Addict turned Substance abuse counselor student, living one day at a time -sober.
God, Drugs and Thugs
0 302
Drug addiction, two divorces, the loss of my children, lost jobs, etc. woke me up to the fact that I can't keep trying to be something I'm not. So I stopped. And found myself to be awesome.
0 250

I am Emily! And I am a alcoholic. I started to be my personal journey of my recovery, but after a few very public appearances it became much more that that-it became a special place for
recovery required
0 207
One 40 year old girl's journey in her first year of sobriety.
I am the face of an addict
0 331
Hi, Im Rachel I am new to the whole blogging at getting help online and I gain a lot from all of your sites posts. I a wondering if you have an insights or suggestions into how I can advertise/publicize my post without having to actually people the url?
cleaning up behind the bar
0 258
An introduction to sobriety for an actively employed bartender.
Maya June\'s Sobering Adventure
0 196
Newly sober mom, wife and teacher trying to sort it all out.
High Bottom
0 158
449 Blog
0 136
Just starting but it will be my struggle with BDD and alcoholism.
Becoming Clean and Sober
0 134
My inanition is to be fully conscious
Girl With The Star Tattoo
0 275
My road in first year of recovery.
0 232
Recovery through AA and friends in AA.
Recovery on Film
0 132
I'm blogging a set of daily meditations I'm working on based on movie quotes:
Soberity and Prosperity
0 348
My site is about recovery and what has help me to stay sober. I also write about hobbies.
0 275
The blog offers hope and encouragement to families in recovery.
Rising Woman
0 334
Obsessive writer. Non-practicing alcoholic. Cancer survivor. Hardcore caffeine lover. Die-hard optimist with a dark side. A work in progress. All these things are me.
Being Sober
0 293
The Privileged Addict
0 723
The Privileged Addict blog is a forum about spiritual growth and action, addiction and recovery, and Twelve Step principles. The wisdom of the Twelve Step process is the same wisdom contained within the core of any religious or spiritual tradition through
The Watershed Blog
0 165

Addiction Industry News, Recovery Related Topics, and Stories of Hope from drug and alcohol addiction to recovery.
Running Sober - A Journey of Recovery
0 321
RunningSober is dedicated to those individuals in recovery that share a passion for running.
Recovery or Bust
0 258
My site is a blog about my experiences in recovery. It also includes recovery literature from NA and AA and links to many other 12 step programs
Addiction Recovery for Dummies
0 235
Just starting out but this blog is about my personal journey past a present. A very wise woman and someone very close to me suggested I do this as part of my recovery and so I am going to do. I had th
Write Minding
0 161
I woke up on April 9th, 2013 and recognized a need for change... that *I* had to be that change. This blog is a daily journal of my sobriety and mindful living.
Drying Out Loud
0 236
0 226
A very real and truthful look at life in recovery.
0 244

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Kick The Monkey
0 252
Newly out of rehab and rebuilding my life. Starting with nothing. This site is a way for me to put down my thoughts in my downtime. To do research about recovery.
Misadventures of a Modern Mommy
0 232
Buddhist-centric recovery blog with plenty about parenting, mindfulness, and being human.
Climbing Out of the Bottle
0 149

My personal reflections on the journey to sobriety- one step at a time. I became an alcoholic after undergoing Gastric bypass Surgery in 2004.
My Daily Alcoholic and Addict P.R.A.H.R. (Preventi
0 440
Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder Recovery through Self-Directed Cognitive Behavior Therapy using the Emotional Positioning Strategy Model
Thomas Hill: A Long and Winding Road
0 262
Personal blog discussing recovery journey and AA
Spaces Home & Beyond
0 293

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Sober Mom Of 2
0 30

Recovery, sobriety, motherhood and my daily struggles staying sober...One Blog At A Time...

I am a Sober Mom Of 2 wonderful boys. This is my account of how to stay sober and live happy, joyous and f
0 60
Recovery in Progress
Cerebral Sobriety
0 26
A site dedicated to mindfulness and philosophical approaches to sobriety.
0 25
Free Falling into A Sober Life
A blog about quitting my dysfunctional relationship with booze.
0 42
A humorous but heartfelt account of a suburban mom's journey into sobriety and recovery.
God Walked Into This Bar
0 36
This is my story of my voyage with my Co-Writer, My Higher Power to sobriety via the internet. It was here that I reclaimed my life. You have your own voyage to plot, your own stars to follow whether you choose my path or choose another with AA, or with o
0 29

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Lost Causes Hope
0 28

To Be Free

Just looking to share some of my honest experiences in recovery and life in general.
Catlin Wellness And Nutrition
0 29
This blog is about sharing health and wellness information for women in recovery.
A Story of Healing
0 40

a story of healing: in sobriety, in relationships, through addiction, in life and love, and in all the other big huge moments of fear and magic that we rarely talk about, but we should.
0 17
Hazelden published my book "A Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery." My company, ROC Recovery Services offers: recovery consulting, recovery coaching, and treatment placement.
Sober or Bust
0 15
One millennial's journey from alcohol abuse and addiction to sobriety.
Sober Mom
0 16
Sober Women and Mom Blogs
Recovery, as it comes.
0 16
A personal journal explaining my process of getting sober and what it truly means and how we can fight it. If we don\'t stick together, what do we really got?
Hope From Dope
0 17
I am an author and blogger that shares my personal story of recovery. I share a lot of stories of my addiction and recovery to show people to the best of my ability how hard it is to fight addiction and how rewarding recovery can be. I also share a lot of
You're Worth the Fight- Recovery is Beautiful!
0 23

I am a woman of integrity. I am loving & I am strong. My experiences have shaped who I've become. I have learned so much along the way that I hope can help others! My blog is a story of hope, support
0 22

Gay erotic Story blog
Alcohol Drug Rehad
0 14
How to Choose a Drug or Alcohol Rehab
Learn how to find the alcohol drug rehab rehabilitation center that best suits your needs and find out more about what rehab is really like.
Journey to Courage
0 36
A very personal journal of one women's solo journey cross country to face her fears and grow stronger in recovery.
SBK Studio
0 32

what was I thinking!?
0 83
my road to recovery
0 175
NewBridge Recovery Blog
0 58

This blog is dedicated to providing information and resources about addiction and recovery. New articles are posted almost daily and can be helpful to the struggling addict or even professional health
0 56

Spiritual But Not Religious Sobriety - we do not like the religious dogma in sobriety literature and meetings but we are not atheists or agnostics. We believe in a Higher Something.

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