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The Privileged Addict
The Privileged Addict blog is a forum about spiritual growth and action, addiction and recovery, and Twelve Step principles. The wisdom of the Twelve Step process is the same wisdom contained within the core of any religious or spiritual tradition through

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alcoholism recovery
0 873

Everything you ever wanted to know about alcohol. What it can do to you and what you can do about it!
The Sober Life
0 265
Stories of Experience, Strength, and Hope in Recovery and after Addiction.
Sober by Choice
0 267
Thoughts on living sober, life, yoga and food
0 218
A very real and truthful look at life in recovery.
The Teetotal Movement
0 247
This is a site designed to inspire and motivate people to adopt a teetotal lifestyle.
Write Minding
0 155
I woke up on April 9th, 2013 and recognized a need for change... that *I* had to be that change. This blog is a daily journal of my sobriety and mindful living.
Kick The Monkey
0 245
Newly out of rehab and rebuilding my life. Starting with nothing. This site is a way for me to put down my thoughts in my downtime. To do research about recovery.
0 242

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God Walked Into This Bar
0 559
Follow along with me as I claw desperately for sobriety (Damn, I just chipped a nail). Share my highs and my lows, wallow with me in my self-disgust and triumph with me in my uh...triumphs! No preaching! No judging! Just know that despite what it might lo
Trudging the Road of Happy Destiny
0 275
Recovery related blog with daily inspiration
Reads and Recovery
0 274
An over thinker's thoughts on life. Recovery has adapted so many of those thoughts.
A Beast Within
0 194
One man's journey through recovery from alcoholism.
Girl With The Star Tattoo
0 270
My road in first year of recovery.
0 142
Sober musings on relationships, sponsees, steps, recovery, etc..
0 228
Recovery through AA and friends in AA.
My Daily Alcoholic and Addict P.R.A.H.R. (Preventi
0 434
Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder Recovery through Self-Directed Cognitive Behavior Therapy using the Emotional Positioning Strategy Model
New Beginnings
0 319
I am a 19 year old writer, Ayurvedic practitioner, yogi and farmer in Hawaii! Young, sober, and wanting to share my experience in recovery with other people!
Recovery on Film
0 125
I'm blogging a set of daily meditations I'm working on based on movie quotes:
For The Love of...
0 284
This blog is dedicated to sobriety. I have been sober now for 9 years. My husband of 12 years has now been sober for 3 1/2 years. I not only post on how life is now, but I have added journal entries starting 12 years ago and how we both became sober.
The Narrow Way
0 492
A blog about coming out, staying clean and trying to live a spiritual life.
Rising Woman
0 328
Obsessive writer. Non-practicing alcoholic. Cancer survivor. Hardcore caffeine lover. Die-hard optimist with a dark side. A work in progress. All these things are me.
Running Sober - A Journey of Recovery
0 314
RunningSober is dedicated to those individuals in recovery that share a passion for running.
Being Sober
0 286
Soberity and Prosperity
0 343
My site is about recovery and what has help me to stay sober. I also write about hobbies.
0 271
The blog offers hope and encouragement to families in recovery.
0 177
blog to stop drinking
Climbing Out of the Bottle
0 139

My personal reflections on the journey to sobriety- one step at a time. I became an alcoholic after undergoing Gastric bypass Surgery in 2004.
Misadventures of a Modern Mommy
0 223
Buddhist-centric recovery blog with plenty about parenting, mindfulness, and being human.
Addiction Recovery for Dummies
0 227
Just starting out but this blog is about my personal journey past a present. A very wise woman and someone very close to me suggested I do this as part of my recovery and so I am going to do. I had th
Recovery or Bust
0 251
My site is a blog about my experiences in recovery. It also includes recovery literature from NA and AA and links to many other 12 step programs
steadyrehab - help with alcoholism
0 139

A UK blog based website supporting sufferers of alcoholism. Advice and contacts. Help and support for friends and family of those concerned.
0 249
It is only the beginning. A new website, full of the mutterings of an Anglo-Italian-Cypriot sober working mummy. Top tips for feeding the family, educating children as well as travel and adventures
Sober Stephanie
0 71
Just a girl blogging about her journey down the scary road to recover, struggling past the abyss that seems unending.
0 171
When drink takes over, waking up and stopping.
recovery yenta
0 186
I blog about the love, laughter and life in recovery with a little bit of fashion and pop culture. Sure to have you leaving with a whole lot of hope and some glitter!
Recovery Pilot
0 194

This is my story of where I was, my personal rock bottom and how I came into the rooms of AA and learned how to work the steps, do the work I needed to do and helping to carry the message to other alc
I Fly at Night
0 205

Adventures in truth telling. My honest account of my struggle with addiction, the journey to sobriety and love of all kinds.
Rand Harper, MA
0 79
Rand Harper, MA is an Integrative Life Coach who specializes in working with individuals who are ready to end a destructive relationship with alcohol.
Sober Paradisio
0 210
Living with clarity, community and joy ...without the booze.
My Sober Life
0 79
I'm alicensed therapist struggling with alcohol addiction. My site offers tools, ideas and my own personal journey in sobriety. Beating alcohol addiction one day at a time. Change happens when you'r
Suburban Betty- Clean and Serene
0 98
Trying some clean livin' after years in a wine bottle.
Sober Sunset
0 201

A blog about me drop kicking alcohol from my life and attempting to live a better life as a sober, thirty-something, single parent in the UK, and all the things I am rediscovering about myself on the
Ninety Days Sobriety
0 76
My personal journey about early recovery, highlighting the first 90 days of my sobriety
My Life in Tampa
0 112
I've been sober for nine years tomorrow, just restarting my blog today. Will be talking about being sober and continuing living sober after many years of sobriety.
Journey Through Alcohol Abuse
0 237
This site is to give a voice to the addicted and help substance abusers and family members after I lost my husband and daughter to their addiction. I am a Motivational Speaker on the Effect of Alcoholism on the Whole Family.
I talk to addicts in halfway
Bob's Daily Thoughts
0 219
Daily reflection on addiction and recovery.
0 166
Newly sober single mom - successful, sarcastic, sober
When Water Will Suffice
0 88
One person's self-help attempt to retreat from the brink of alcoholism and return to good health.
Sober Command
0 8
The Sober Command is a collection and association of recovery based sites from a variety of sources located around our planet.
Sloan gets sober again
0 199
Personal blog about rehab, journey to sobriety from booze and heroin
The Sobriety Collective
0 258

A community of creative sober citizens, sharing their stories and thoughts on recovery.

We. Are. Sober.
0 280
Recovery from eating disorders, body image distress, postpartum depression, sometimes cross addiction, and the journey of mother hood.
My quest for a sober free life
0 289
I'm a mum just trying to live a better life. This is my my quest for an alcohol free life.
Deep Sobriety
0 80
Recovering and sharing.
Booze: All that glitters is not gold
0 213
The good, the bad and everything in between of alcohol & sobriety. Blogging my way through sobriety.
RealYou Revolution
0 244
We help people with addictive, fearful or self-sabotaging tendencies get honest with themselves, take control of their lives, stand in their own power and happiness...regardless of other people's expectations.
Prescription Drugs
0 2

Drugs Library is an online drug book that includes indications, contraindications and composition of medical drugs and veterinary medications.
0 213
I am a 46 year old woman, wife, mom, teacher, yoga instructor who has battled an alcohol problem for about 15 years or so. With ton of day ones behind me, I seem to finally be THRIVING in my sobriety.
The Rooms Project
0 124
A sober photographer's photo + audio story series on individuals living in recovery from alcoholism and addiction.
Life To Be Continued
0 173
A Minnesota girl navigating college and sobriety.
Finding Sobriety
0 573

Nationwide AA Meeting & NA Meeting Finder
Carrying the Kingdom
0 80
Honest sharing from my own 12 years in recovery and the ongoing journey to turn myself over to the God who saved me and reveals me.
Bye Bye, Belvedere
0 55
Bye Bye Belvedere is the online journal of a queer grrl in her early twenties getting sober (again) and (finally) loving it.
In Search of Serenity
0 228
A wife, mommy of 3, and a working therapist faces her own struggles with alcohol. Using self-reflection, wit, professional knowledge, and an unflinching honesty, she invites you along her journey through sobriety and recovery.
0 145
A middle aged man - father and more - getting sober and now finally getting his shit together - one day at a time
Sober Life In Anaheim
0 68
A blog and a sober home for men trying to get back their lives, one day at a time.
Mommy's Journey Take 3
0 558

A single mom trying to find sobriety for the 3rd time.
Minhazur Rahman Nayan
0 98
Blog About Film Music Bangladeshi
Film by Minhazur Rahman Nayan
Blog About Minhazur Rahman Nayan
0 255
I am a 40-something mother, wife and professional learning to live joyfully without alcohol. I started this blog to help me process and document my recovery journey, and hopefully help others along t
0 32
Articles on recovery. Our focus is providing information that helps people find free and low-cost options for treatment. Folks often wonder how we can do this. The short answer is that there are many new laws and options under the Affordable Care Act. We

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