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Doing It Sober
Everything recovery. Motivational posts and constant blogs focusing on recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. Clothing, medallions and lots more!

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Drug Treatment Ceenter Finder
0 241
At Drug Treatment Center Finder, we’re dedicated to helping addicted individuals get in touch with drug and alcohol treatment centers that can help. We understand addiction is a harrowing disease, and it can be made worse by the bureaucracy surrounding ad
girl gone sober.
0 292
a blog about living sober. i didn't always drink beer but when i did i drank a lot of it. stay sober my friends.
Granny Gets Sober
0 388
Typical blog about me on my sober journey. The only difference might be the fact that I'm a Granny, not a young mother. Conscious living, meditation,quotes, etc.
Recovering Betty
0 108
A blog about figuring out who I am without my addictions, by AA Betty
Sober Bastard
0 282
Tips, tricks & anecdotes about getting sober- this ain't your kumbaya sobriety blog.
Essentials Of Recovery
0 609
This site contains loads of recovery stuff. Daily Reflections, Meditations, Quotes, Speakers, NA Stuff, 12 step stuff, native American,, Zen and loads more to help anyone recovering from addiction.
Becoming Sober
0 14
Becoming: Sober is here to provide tips & tricks to help eliminate alcohol. With an honest account of how it feels to first negotiate the sober-sphere, it's all about the journey to becoming whatever you want to be
0 206
This a Blog I decided to start to share my expereinces in life,and how the power of God has transformed my life.

0 260
I am a 40-something mother, wife and professional learning to live joyfully without alcohol. I started this blog to help me process and document my recovery journey, and hopefully help others along t
More Than Sober
0 201
A personal recovery blog including recommendations of reviews of recovery resources, addicted art and addiction news.
Rae's Confessions
0 249
Rae's Confessions is a blog about my recovery from sex and love addiction, compulsive overeating and codependency.
0 245
Creating new beliefs about living life without alchol
All that heaven will allow
0 352
Don't give up before the miracles happen!
0 10
Largest platform for user generated content on addiction and recovery.
Spaces Home & Beyond
0 293
Spaces, Home and Beyond defines ’The Spirit of India for pretty bed and bath linen’. Our ideas for your home furnishing express a unique sentiment, where decoration can be simple, elaborate, beautiful
0 248
Working mom of 3, figuring out how to live a happy and healthy sober life.
Life Without Vodka Rocks
0 255
A blog about my decision to become and stay alcohol free, on my own terms.
I'm just F.I.N.E.
0 1461
Telling about what it's like to work on recovering from the affects of alcoholism through Al-Anon
My quest for a sober free life
0 297
I'm a mum just trying to live a better life. This is my my quest for an alcohol free life.
0 255
This wiki/blog is to be a place of creative collaboration, a place to share realizations, interpretations, methods, dreams, step discoveries, prayers answered, poems, quotes from the text of Alcoholic
0 14
Life,Liberty and the pursuit of sobriety
A Day in the Life of Alcohol and Drug Recovery
0 348
A journey with me through my life in recovery a day at a time, a minute at a time a second at a time..whatever it takes.
Young In a New World
0 214
I am 24 and I'm trying to get sober. I am basically just writing blogs on this site to (1) reflect for myself and (2) hopefully make some friends in the online sober community.
God, Please Keep Me Sober Today
0 100
My brutally honest journey to a sober today
I Fly at Night
0 210
Adventures in truth telling. My honest account of my struggle with addiction, the journey to sobriety and love of all kinds.
36 Principles
0 268
A site for the general discussion of the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Sloan gets sober again
0 206
Personal blog about rehab, journey to sobriety from booze and heroin
A Recovering Addicts Experience
0 186
I believe that by letting people in on my journey of self-discovery, my experiences along with sharing what my addiction and recovery mean to me I can give hope that recovery is possible as well as inspire change in those who are still struggling. I want
This Unmanageable Life
0 229
One South Dakotan's blog of sobriety
Staying Straight Edge
0 228
A blog about a thirty-something British lad, coming to terms with recovery and personal change. Not drinking, not using and not eating meat. What could possibly go wrong?
recovery yenta
0 192
I blog about the love, laughter and life in recovery with a little bit of fashion and pop culture. Sure to have you leaving with a whole lot of hope and some glitter!
Booze: All that glitters is not gold
0 220
The good, the bad and everything in between of alcohol & sobriety. Blogging my way through sobriety.
0 240
12 Step Programme based Recovery Programme
Sober Stephanie
0 78
Just a girl blogging about her journey down the scary road to recover, struggling past the abyss that seems unending.
0 230
A sobriety blog written backwards.
0 465
One person's journey through recovery from depression and alcoholism.
Diary of a Former Drunk Girl: My Journey Through S
0 70
My Journey through sobriety and living with my parents at 25. The ups and downs of a former drunk girl finding her path in an unfamiliar sober world.
Road to Abstinence
0 295
My name is.... not relevant.

I am.... not an alcoholic.

But I do suffer from alcohol issues and this is my blog, my 'warts and all' story about the journey along the road to abstinence.

We all have our own ways to get through life.
Minhazur Rahman Nayan
0 101
Blog About Film Music Bangladeshi
Film by Minhazur Rahman Nayan
Blog About Minhazur Rahman Nayan
The Empty 12 Pack
0 665
Musings on sobriety and living sober from a Gen X dad.
Carpet Wyse
0 105
CarpetWyse is the leading online resource for everything there is about carpet. They offer practical tips for caring for carpet and provide information regarding how to get new carpet installed the right way. CarpetWyse is your one stop shop for everythin
0 251
A place where you can find sober people who want to continue and marvel in their sobriety instead of keeping it a secret. Sobriety is meant to lived to its unlimited reason to be lonely in the journey when you're the best version of yoursel
0 56
Spiritual But Not Religious Sobriety - we do not like the religious dogma in sobriety literature and meetings but we are not atheists or agnostics. We believe in a Higher Something.
0 224
I am a 46 year old woman, wife, mom, teacher, yoga instructor who has battled an alcohol problem for about 15 years or so. With ton of day ones behind me, I seem to finally be THRIVING in my sobriety.
Transformation is Real
0 38
Transformation is Real shares stories of change, how change happens, and illustrates the different ways people have found recovery.
Stay Amazing!
0 98
My Blog is intended to help myself and help others using thoughts and affirmations to block any negative "self" talk that may derail the good path you are on. To Live life soberly and to the fullest
Journey Through Addiction
0 5
I am a 29 year old wife, mother, ....and a proud recovering alcoholic! The journey hasn't always been easy, but so worthwhile!
In active addiction, I had lost all beauty within me. Truthfully, I lost sight of all inner strength, values, and integrity. I
0 194
Musings on all things recovery-social, political, the New Recovery Advocacy movement, Recovery Oriented System of Care
Just For Todays
0 231
This weblog is intended to help us live the Emotions Anonymous program one day at a time. It has been written by members of Emotions Anonymous for anyone who wants to spend a part of each day with a f
The Rooms Project
0 129
A sober photographer's photo + audio story series on individuals living in recovery from alcoholism and addiction.
Clean Time For Dummies
0 239
Helpful 12 Step links, Article reviews concerning addict-related topics, humour, and fellowship
In God's Hands
0 503
A journal of recovery
Joie de Vivre
0 294
A daily account of my struggle to get sober.
Beacon Hall
0 193
Sober Blog
Sober Girl
0 205
Sober girl is celebrating a healthy lifestyle by sober living. Sober girl also offers apparel showing a fun and sober lifestyle.
In Gods Goodness
0 228
A 12 Step Christian blog. I have daily meditations with a Big Book passage, A scripture and a prayer. Also other 12 step and biblical writings.
Hanging By a Thrad
0 118
This is the story of my addicted past and road to recovery.
she don't want the world
0 163
A Friend of Bill W
0 132
The daily journal of the terminally sober
Daily Thought
0 516
Daily Meditation for Men in Recovery
Hapless Tigger
0 1195
humor, recovery, horseracing, kvetching, loving ... or whatever's on my mind, one day at a time.
Red Rider 88
0 166
My attempt to go my first 365 Days without alcohol....
earthy monk: musings from a painted soul
0 144
The Earthy Monk is a space for musing on God, messy grace, lavish mercy, beautiful healing, wild hope, deep compassion, and social justice. The Earthy Monk is also a space to muse about things we sometimes would rather not talk about…things like depressi
Each Day a New Beginning
0 140
Starting over after almost 8 years sober. I'm moving across country, unemployed and seaching...moving closer to my family...all in recovery
The L.I.S.T. ACA Group Blog
0 292
The L.I.S.T. ACA Group Blog is about our ACA face to face group as well as the musings of the blogmaster, Lexxie. Conference approved ACA information. Meeting times and a map to our group.
The Climb
0 668
Advocates For Recovery Blog
Imperfect and Sober
0 80
A mother's journey in sobriety
Fighting back from Addiction
0 578
My journey away from addiction began in a Thai temple and there is no telling where it will lead to next. I know it is possible to make dreams come true in recovery, and the possibilities are quite as
Purifying Grace
0 462
Openness & honesty about my process of overcoming porn addiction & becoming sexually pure, which can only happen through the purifying grace of God and my ramblings to help others.
Sober Truths
0 600
I got sober in 1989. On Valentine's Day, 2010, I gave up sugar, my first and last substance addiction. This sites describes the phases of change, the application of the 12 steps, and the adventures o

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