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A funny, inspirational, and honest take on recovery.

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Recovery 101 with Bryan K.
0 181
A journey through the recovery process of the 12 steps. A collection of thoughts and interpretations of the literature and work of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Doggielover: There is hope.
0 171
I blog about sobriety, alcoholism & how I'm dealing with the real world. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it really bad!
Mom's Recovery
0 205
Single mom of 4, tired of being a victim and letting life manage me, decides to manage life instead. Truth and humor about my recovery process (non AA) while raising 4 kids.
Sober and Sassy
0 153
Just a sober Mom giving her sober thoughts a home.
0 172
An analysis of the 12-Step Recovery Movement
1 door away from heaven
0 733
this is my little journey, of self-examination and getting to the bottom of it.
The Long Road Home
0 235
Thoughts & Ideas, Wonderings, & Ponderings, From A Clean & Sober; Husband & Father, Living In Rural Southern Ontario Canada, Sober Since Jan.14/97
The Real Power Behind Alcoholics Anonymous
0 538
Dick B.'s ongoing research and reports on Alcoholics Anonymous History and the Christian Recovery Movement
writing my way sober
0 245
Blog about my recovery from alcoholism. I am nine months sober. I am a therapist so I also write about emotional education topics that are helpful.
Letters to My Brother
0 387
The purpose of this blog is to reach out to those whose lives have been affected by drugs, alcohol and addiction in general - those recovering, those who have lost someone, and anyone else interested - I'll tell the story of my brother; his death; and how
MsRefusenik Tells It Like It Is
0 947
Funky. Started out to be a curious collection of writing articles and resources. I am the Chicago Alcohol and Recovery Examiner for the, and since I can't write in the first person in
Sober 24/7
0 465
We share Good thoughts to to have been thunked and shared. Happiness isn't in a bottle. It's a state of mind. A Site by people in recovery, but not limited to those. For people looking for a ray of
Recovery and Me!
0 249
My blog is to help my self during my recovery and to also hopefully help another addict.
Life in the Meadow
0 385
Living life on life's terms as a newly sober 30 year old woman. A stepmom, sister, dog mom, wife who is living one day at a time
0 173
Sobriety date: 9/11/11. I'm the single, shacking up, mom of two boys and a girl. My sponsor says I'm on Step 1. I believe I'm on Step 4. That pretty much says it all.
0 229
the struggle for sobriety & sanity - i suppose
Sassy Sadie
0 174
Hi, I'm Sarah. I moved to New York from Nashville, TN in April of 2008, which is also when I began my journey to get clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. I am in graduate school to be a high school teacher. I live in Brooklyn in a cozy studio apartment
Alcoholic Blog How I became an Alcoholic, Alcoholism and Alcoholic Problems became my Life
0 276
Alcoholic Blog How I became an Alcoholic, Alcoholism and Alcoholic Problems became my Life in AA and a story of Alcoholism and Alcohol problems unique to the Alcoholic
The Sober Times
0 204
Suburban Mom coming to terms with her newfound sober life and looking back at the years spent as an alcoholic and trying to make sense of it all.
Party.0 Sober Parties
0 156
We create a safe and inclusive environment for students to connect, learn and grow alongside their peers by throwing sober parties.
Trying to stay sober
0 179
My journey to sobriety
Wife of Addiction
0 182
A journey through the experiences and recovery through the Al-Anon program by the wife of an alcoholic.
The Subversive Librarian
0 255
Recovery. Parenting. GLBT issues. And stuff. Lots and lots of stuff.
Executives Trying to stay Sober
0 160
I started this community to bring people of all ages, stages, places, spiritualties, personalities About me: Vice President of a Software Company, Highly functioning alcoholic, entrepreneur, retired b
Beyond The Bottle
0 167
A 22 year old girl's journey through sobriety.
0 230
Life, times, & sobriety from the land of ice and nice.
Treatment 4 Addiction
0 188 (T4A) is a comprehensive information resource on drug abuse, addiction and treatment. Our staff of addiction professionals and experts have contributed a wealth of information, with the hope of providing a quality website for indiv
Paper Containment
0 208
This is my evolution of beliefs while becoming a recovering Alcoholic Addict.
0 489
A young wife and mother shares openly and honestly about the road of recovery from alcoholism. Site is updated usually one to two times a month and bases topics off of real life experiences.
0 395 is the daily story of my life in recovery, as a single Mom and as women. I had the honor of telling my story in People magazine and on Dr. Phil, which turned my private little blog into an amazing, supportive community. I am proud to even be
0 380
Manna...for my Soul !
0 247
Some of the uplifting stuff that happens in recovery.
Please contribute.
Beginning (my) life at 30
0 168
How I began my life again @ 30. I write about many things including recover, humor, bad spelling, links, music or whatever is on my mind.
Peaceful Pandemonium
0 338
I have been sober since I was 19, now at 34, I find I the journey has just begun.
0 184
A song of hope and encouragement to those who suffer from the disease of addiction.
Sober Blather
0 181
My journey into getting clean.
Trudging The Road of Happy Destiny
0 204
My journey of recovery from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body
Customizing my Journey
0 567
14 years customized recovery from codependent and grief.I find blogging inspiring.And a fun way to network with like minded down to earth people.
I'm a writer and photographer who shares her creative
0 188
The Number 12 Foundation is a not for profit providing the best recovery programs at no cost to the still suffering alcoholic and addict. Our sit provides more detail on our mission of saving lives an
0 268

0 675
my personal bolg - not so much focused on recovery as a testament to life after addiction.
0 100 is an online pharmacy for Indian consumers. We help folks with their health products as well as by giving them some literature over products
0 185
I'm a 30 something single mum tackling life without wine via the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step recovery programme.
Recovery Rocks
0 173
A 28 year old woman and mother in recovery. A daily reflection.
Kathy Berman
0 478
Our main blog, Your Online Addiction Recovery Center, is at Started in November, 2004, it was developed to share the spiritual journey called recovery. As the main blog grew to include many topics and be too large for casual surfing,
letters to today
0 206
messages from a gay man in recovery, to god
0 264
Non-Profit Community Services
0 192
Your source for info about substance abuse, health, spirituality and more.
Get to the Inside
0 391
Written by a Licensed Professional Counselor-- thoughts, poetry, articles and information on addiction, recovery, spirituality, love and intimacy, and 12 steps
Life Corked
0 948
My life as a recovering alcoholic and stay-at-home mom - and all that I'm passionate about.
One Day at a Time
0 206
I follow a strict food plan and document my food on my blog. I also blog my feelings and thoughts. As I start to work the steps of Overeaters Anonymous and really work the program, I'll blog that too
Be Free Again
0 164
A web log that has video and written short stories involving recovery. The goal is to spread Hope! Take a step to be free again!
Alpha Chick
0 293
Dedicated to helping women transform their lives and break free from the bondage of addiction and low self esteem
Recovery Arts
0 382 is a blog for and about: Recovery Poetry, Recovery Music, and Recovery Art. We hope serves as a voice for those struggling with addiction to communicate their thoughts/emotions in a
Answers in Sobriety
0 191
Answers to questions on how to live sober day to day, including questions from readers, and daily/weekly posts on sober topics. Advice for sober people who are having trouble or are in crisis in their sobriety.
Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Ramblings
0 202
Alcoholism and drug addiction discussion from a 13 years sober member of AA.
Another Real Alcoholic
0 271
I want to share my journey, the good and bad, with practicing these spiritual principles in all my affairs.
Maple Tree Monologues
0 605
Hi my name is Rebecca
my sobreity date is
6/2/96 I am ACTIVE in AA, I have a home group I am a sponsor and I do service work, have worked the steps as laid out and am on the path.
0 182
I am a young sober mom, learning how to be sober, have fun, parent, and re-claim life as a sober young mom. I am 33, have the most patient man on earth for a husband, 2 insanely creative and obnoxiou
Visitation on Sunday
0 202
My journal of hope and recovery from alcohol, co-dependency, stress, fears, and childhood.
Live Sober
0 166
Get warning sign about alcohol abuse and addiction so that you can live sober and stay that way. This site is not only for the alcoholics but for families as well.
smartband blog
0 80
smartband blog
Last 100 Days as an Alcoholic
0 1679
Follow the day by day countdown of my spectacularly hopeless drinking career, where I go from a full-blown stumbling alcoholic to a responsible, sober husband, father, business owner and community member. Australian.
Sober For A Year
0 614
On October 30th 2009, around 1:00 am, I decided to stop drinking (or taking anything stronger than coffee) for an entire year! All proceeds raised during this challenge will be donated to charity. Thi
0 164
keeping it simple
Rainbow Recovery Club
0 248
Rainbow Recovery Club presents a comedic and fun BLOG by: Lauren L! Come read and enjoy the funny and heart capturing sides of recovery. We are not a glum lot!
B Here Today
0 631
A blog for people in recovery looking for day-to-day living tools. Often, it's not the major life-events that cause us to use alcohol or drugs after a period of sobriety. We can struggle with sobriet
The Sober Salesman
0 7
Being a salesman is hard doing it sober is even harder. I've decided to tackle the sales business alcohol free. Follow me as I tackle the ups and down of being alcohol free in an alcohol fueled environment
Recovery Is A Choice
0 188
This blog is about recovery in AA. I have been in AA for over a quarter of a century and I guess it's safe to say I have opinions about things. This blog is where I freely give my opinions that don'
0 211
This blog is written from the perspective of a mother of a heroin addict. She writes about her journey through the last 10 years of addiction and her use of the 12 step program of Al-anon to find peac

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