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Site Of the Moment:
Some Chick's Blog
Just some tweeker's white trash kid. Struggling with crystal meth addicton ALMOST destroyed me - I overcame.

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Recovery Quest
0 267
one recovering alcoholic's journey to self-discovery.
1 door away from heaven
0 734
this is my little journey, of self-examination and getting to the bottom of it.
Beyond The Bottle
0 167
A 22 year old girl's journey through sobriety.
0 172
An analysis of the 12-Step Recovery Movement
0 1959
Al-anon, ACA (ACoA) 12 step related readings and articles. This is my way of giving back!
Alpha Chick
0 336
The purpose of the site is to inspire women to take control of their lives, face their pain and access their power. I share my personal journey of alcoholism and recovery.
Spiritual Condition
0 405
Spiritual writings based on the experience of one sober drunk.
Climbing Out of the Bottle
0 149
My personal reflections on the journey to sobriety- one step at a time. I became an alcoholic after undergoing Gastric bypass Surgery in 2004.
0 164
A single woman's new life without alcohol
Recovery 101 with Bryan K.
0 181
A journey through the recovery process of the 12 steps. A collection of thoughts and interpretations of the literature and work of Alcoholics Anonymous.
a lifetime of more...
0 163
we are all given one lifetime to live. here's to making the most of it... this is my story.

whiskey and porn for everyone
0 1752
self help for thinking people. Recognizing that change isn't an event, but the process. Alcoholism and Recovery, Domestic Violence and Abusive Love, Yoga and Meditation, Creativity and Writing, and Self Help for everybody
Bert's Big Adventure
0 168
Having been fed up for too long with being a binge-drinking, overweight, and an inconsistently healthy member of society, I've decided to go completely sober as a present to myself on my 28th birthda
Mom's Recovery
0 205
Single mom of 4, tired of being a victim and letting life manage me, decides to manage life instead. Truth and humor about my recovery process (non AA) while raising 4 kids.
Doggielover: There is hope.
0 171
I blog about sobriety, alcoholism & how I'm dealing with the real world. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it really bad!
Just For Today Meditations
0 2341
Just For Today Meditations is a site built in helping us in Maintaining A Life
My Fabulous Disease
0 1042
I'm an HIV+ gay man in recovery from drug addiction. What's not to love? Check out my ongoing video blog with special guests, fun writing, and inspiration!
Recovering Dawn
0 332
I decided about twenty-five years ago that I wanted to be a writer. Three years later I went into rehab for drug addiction, and started writing the twelve steps. In 1992 I returned to school. No great
It's Never Too Late for a New You
0 618
This is the diary of a girl who decided after about 10 years of hard partying and social drinking that maybe alcohol wasn't the best thing for her life. In this blog you will follow her journey as sh
Adams Organizing: Promoting simplicity and serenit
0 432
Focusing on recovery principles, Elise Adams offers practical tools and solutions for the CHAOS that threatens our sobriety. From Clutter, to Home issues, Addictions and relapse, Office/room and time
A Vision for Us
0 204
This site is a spin off of my daily site it is for people in recovery to find daily thought and my own experience strength and hope...I only started this to help others which in turn helps me . I am 23 year sober and a proud member of AA...Thank you for h
0 279
Sober Mom of 2, wife of one amazing man who is documenting life in recovery
Blog at
0 770
Invited special surprise guest authors submit a blog entry.
Hanging By a Thrad
0 118
This is the story of my addicted past and road to recovery.
Alpha Chick
0 293
Dedicated to helping women transform their lives and break free from the bondage of addiction and low self esteem
Be Free Again
0 164
A web log that has video and written short stories involving recovery. The goal is to spread Hope! Take a step to be free again!
Bob Francis, LICDC
0 203
I talk about AA
Alcohol Free - A Year or More With No Booze
0 1862
I'm writing in this blog everyday for a year, at least, that I plan to spend sober.
Life Is An Octopus
0 274
My blog is about staying sober, getting back my creativity, and how I'm handling life and its many obstacles (mostly as it pertains to staying sober).
Prescription Drugs
0 5
Drugs Library – is an online drug book that includes indications, contraindications and composition of medical drugs and veterinary medications.
One Day at a Time
0 206
I follow a strict food plan and document my food on my blog. I also blog my feelings and thoughts. As I start to work the steps of Overeaters Anonymous and really work the program, I'll blog that too
Get to the Inside
0 391
Written by a Licensed Professional Counselor-- thoughts, poetry, articles and information on addiction, recovery, spirituality, love and intimacy, and 12 steps
0 1029
How to get and stay clean and sober the 12 step way
Naked Daze with Dave
0 1261
The spiritual inward journey to the path of the unknown
Visitation on Sunday
0 202
My journal of hope and recovery from alcohol, co-dependency, stress, fears, and childhood.
Answers in Sobriety
0 191
Answers to questions on how to live sober day to day, including questions from readers, and daily/weekly posts on sober topics. Advice for sober people who are having trouble or are in crisis in their sobriety.
Life Corked
0 948
My life as a recovering alcoholic and stay-at-home mom - and all that I'm passionate about.
Recovery Arts
0 382 is a blog for and about: Recovery Poetry, Recovery Music, and Recovery Art. We hope serves as a voice for those struggling with addiction to communicate their thoughts/emotions in a
Just Another Day
0 232
A Recovering Addict’s Ongoing Journey from Death to Life and All of the Crazy Places in Between...
Empty Blue Eyes
0 178
A tale of an attempt at sober living by an 18-year-old pill head.
The Invertebrate Linchpin's Sobriety Journal
0 196
I, Agnostic
0 385
as an agnostic, i struggle to find how i fit in with program and how program fits in with me; this is what i know so far
The underside of open journal.
0 373
An autobiographical journal of self discovery, recovery, and a road very much 'less travelled.'
Needy Helper
0 226
It's a site designed to help people quit drinking through inspiration, storytelling and coaching.
All Who Wander are not Lost
0 312
A blog about my life, recovery, love, joy, and the pursuit of living each day, one day at a time.
addictShun | addictions
0 573
There is one who shuns addiction but attracts addicts as well as the addict who causes those to shun them. addictSHUN: everyone is touched by this. Find recovery here.
Journey Thru Psalms...An Addict's Perspective
0 801
After several years of struggling with Sex Addiction and Alcoholism I made a conscious decision that I was going to do whatever it took to better manage my life. This blog documents that story.

I re
The True Thoughts Of A Alcoholic/MOTHER
0 244
The road and day to day ups and downs in recovery. The body heals and the mind to follow....
young, dumb, sober
0 252
I'm young, dumb and sober. These are the things I encounter as a result.
Drunk In Cardiff
0 290
Struggling towards sobriety, or sensible drinking after years of suffering from alcohol and depression problems.
The Uphill Journey to Sobriety
0 215
What it says on the tin.
Read from bottom up.
*~*Cross Addicted*~*
0 309
Complicated Woman-child learning to keep it simple. Christianity + Recovery = Cross Addicted
Pondoff's Anonymous
0 3
“Mission Statement. To Help.”
Pretty simple stupid stuff here, y’all… to help. To help anyone who may be struggling with grief and / or alcoholism. How? Well… for now… the only way I know how. Write.
No Jewish Addicts... and Other Myths
0 189
We don't like to admit it, but Jews DO use. We can make a difference if we let others know this truth. Please contribute your personal or family experiences with addiction to substances or behaviors.
0 182
I am a young sober mom, learning how to be sober, have fun, parent, and re-claim life as a sober young mom. I am 33, have the most patient man on earth for a husband, 2 insanely creative and obnoxiou
Maple Tree Monologues
0 605
Hi my name is Rebecca
my sobreity date is
6/2/96 I am ACTIVE in AA, I have a home group I am a sponsor and I do service work, have worked the steps as laid out and am on the path.
smartband blog
0 80
smartband blog
Living Life Sober
0 216
An alcoholic and an addict starts a new life sober. Read posts about my struggles, lessons and AA meetings, starting from only a few hours sober.
Live Sober
0 166
Get warning sign about alcohol abuse and addiction so that you can live sober and stay that way. This site is not only for the alcoholics but for families as well.
0 1812 is a not for profit outreaching online web log committed to sharing experience and solutions with families and communities impacted by addiction.
Recovery Rocks
0 173
A 28 year old woman and mother in recovery. A daily reflection.
0 185
I'm a 30 something single mum tackling life without wine via the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step recovery programme.
God-loving Buddhist drunk
0 393
I am an alcoholic sober in Alcoholics Anonymous since September 9, 1999. I have long been convinced of the essential compatablity of AA and Buddhism, and would like for this blog to be an exploration
Heritage Home Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center Blog
0 250
Drug and alcohol addiction news and information from Heritage Home Addiction Treatment Centre.
she don't want the world
0 163
A Friend of Bill W
0 132
The daily journal of the terminally sober
Sober Truths
0 600
I got sober in 1989. On Valentine's Day, 2010, I gave up sugar, my first and last substance addiction. This sites describes the phases of change, the application of the 12 steps, and the adventures o
Teetotaled at Twenty-six
0 337
Our blog is about two twenty-somethings living the sober life in Gwangju South Korea.
Dear Body
0 182
Recovering from my eating disorder. A blog of letters to myself from my body and vice versa.
Thoughts On The Disease
0 399
The experience, strength, and hope of my life in Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We only keep what we have by giving it away. If this blog has been helpful to you, let a friend know.

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