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Site Of the Moment:
The blog offers hope and encouragement to families in recovery.

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This Unmanageable Life
0 225
One South Dakotan's blog of sobriety
Sloan gets sober again
0 201
Personal blog about rehab, journey to sobriety from booze and heroin
Recovery Pilot
0 196
This is my story of where I was, my personal rock bottom and how I came into the rooms of AA and learned how to work the steps, do the work I needed to do and helping to carry the message to other alc
I Fly at Night
0 206
Adventures in truth telling. My honest account of my struggle with addiction, the journey to sobriety and love of all kinds.
Sober Life In Anaheim
0 70
A blog and a sober home for men trying to get back their lives, one day at a time.
A Day in the Life of Alcohol and Drug Recovery
0 346
A journey with me through my life in recovery a day at a time, a minute at a time a second at a time..whatever it takes.
Bye Bye, Belvedere
0 56
Bye Bye Belvedere is the online journal of a queer grrl in her early twenties getting sober (again) and (finally) loving it.
Thy Will Not Mine
0 271
Blog of a young artistic woman in recovery.Updated daily.
Mommy's Journey Take 3
0 559
A single mom trying to find sobriety for the 3rd time.
Minhazur Rahman Nayan
0 99
Blog About Film Music Bangladeshi
Film by Minhazur Rahman Nayan
Blog About Minhazur Rahman Nayan
0 257
I am a 40-something mother, wife and professional learning to live joyfully without alcohol. I started this blog to help me process and document my recovery journey, and hopefully help others along t
In Search of Serenity
0 229
A wife, mommy of 3, and a working therapist faces her own struggles with alcohol. Using self-reflection, wit, professional knowledge, and an unflinching honesty, she invites you along her journey through sobriety and recovery.
0 146
A middle aged man - father and more - getting sober and now finally getting his shit together - one day at a time
Sober Paradisio
0 211
Living with clarity, community and joy ...without the booze.
My Sober Life
0 80
I'm alicensed therapist struggling with alcohol addiction. My site offers tools, ideas and my own personal journey in sobriety. Beating alcohol addiction one day at a time. Change happens when you'r
0 207
AA recovery
Rand Harper, MA
0 82
Rand Harper, MA is an Integrative Life Coach who specializes in working with individuals who are ready to end a destructive relationship with alcohol.
0 209
just another recovering alcoholic making an online scrapbook of thoughts and images .... digital expressionism.
0 281
Recovery from eating disorders, body image distress, postpartum depression, sometimes cross addiction, and the journey of mother hood.
The Sobriety Collective
0 259
A community of creative sober citizens, sharing their stories and thoughts on recovery.

We. Are. Sober.
girl gone sober.
0 289
a blog about living sober. i didn't always drink beer but when i did i drank a lot of it. stay sober my friends.
Recovery Corner
0 380
Recovery is all about change. If you are suffering from addiction, depression, anxiety or just finding life overwhelming, I hope to make a difference in your world. To be yourself is to become yourself.

Fighting back from Addiction
0 577
My journey away from addiction began in a Thai temple and there is no telling where it will lead to next. I know it is possible to make dreams come true in recovery, and the possibilities are quite as
Recovery Is A Choice
0 188
This blog is about recovery in AA. I have been in AA for over a quarter of a century and I guess it's safe to say I have opinions about things. This blog is where I freely give my opinions that don'
Pebbles In The Road
0 210
My journey of recovery in Overeaters Anonymous. As of today, I have 40 days of Abstinence and am working the program and writing the blog to help myself and others.
Sober For A Year
0 614
On October 30th 2009, around 1:00 am, I decided to stop drinking (or taking anything stronger than coffee) for an entire year! All proceeds raised during this challenge will be donated to charity. Thi
Last 100 Days as an Alcoholic
0 1677
Follow the day by day countdown of my spectacularly hopeless drinking career, where I go from a full-blown stumbling alcoholic to a responsible, sober husband, father, business owner and community member. Australian.
B Here Today
0 630
A blog for people in recovery looking for day-to-day living tools. Often, it's not the major life-events that cause us to use alcohol or drugs after a period of sobriety. We can struggle with sobriet
Rainbow Recovery Club
0 248
Rainbow Recovery Club presents a comedic and fun BLOG by: Lauren L! Come read and enjoy the funny and heart capturing sides of recovery. We are not a glum lot!
0 164
keeping it simple
Recovery Monologue
0 360
A Blog of Serenity - This site shares the experience, strength and hope of addicts of Sex Addiction.
Everybody's Beautiful
0 214
A blog about my journey for inner peace and sobriety.
0 349
4soberladyz is my personal blog for women in recovery from alcoholism.
Trains, Tutus and Tea Time
0 326
I write about my life, which includes my family, passions, creativity, and sobriety.
...the anonymous blogger...
0 427
Somebody needs to say it, and since I haven't heard it, I guess it is me...Sober 9 years and this is my experience...
There is a end and a beginning...this is neither...this is the journey...
Chapter 2, My new Life & Journey Daily Life of a grateful recovered Alcoholic & Drug addict
0 149
Beginning (my) life at 30
0 168
How I began my life again @ 30. I write about many things including recover, humor, bad spelling, links, music or whatever is on my mind.
Serenity & Style
0 457
My name is Mary-Nevin and as I approach 25, I figured I would write about my adventures of growing up. Some of my favorite things are Cooking, Recovery, Social Issues, Fashion, Beauty in its endless f
Journey of Recovery...Search For Serenity
0 869
Our families journey in recovery, teenage addiction issues, healing, empowerment, growth, freedoom.
Emily's Pink Cloud
0 237
sober mother, wife, student and waitress
Each Day a New Beginning
0 140
Starting over after almost 8 years sober. I'm moving across country, unemployed and seaching...moving closer to my family...all in recovery
That Which I Have Lost
0 212
Follows a young woman, new to sobriety, AA, the aftermath of a DUI, and admitting her addiction.
Sober Girl
0 205
Sober girl is celebrating a healthy lifestyle by sober living. Sober girl also offers apparel showing a fun and sober lifestyle.
Hapless Tigger
0 1195
humor, recovery, horseracing, kvetching, loving ... or whatever's on my mind, one day at a time.
0 268
Hanging By a Thrad
0 118
This is the story of my addicted past and road to recovery.
Sober Truths
0 600
I got sober in 1989. On Valentine's Day, 2010, I gave up sugar, my first and last substance addiction. This sites describes the phases of change, the application of the 12 steps, and the adventures o
Life Is An Octopus
0 268
My blog is about staying sober, getting back my creativity, and how I'm handling life and its many obstacles (mostly as it pertains to staying sober).
Darryl Duke My Voice My Beliefs
0 590
A different kind of blog for people in recovery. We donít have to be anonymous in our effort to find meaning and greater happiness in a world that can be maddening at times. Let's stop the shame game
0 181
I am a young sober mom, learning how to be sober, have fun, parent, and re-claim life as a sober young mom. I am 33, have the most patient man on earth for a husband, 2 insanely creative and obnoxiou
0 188
The Number 12 Foundation is a not for profit providing the best recovery programs at no cost to the still suffering alcoholic and addict. Our sit provides more detail on our mission of saving lives an
The Society of the Second Chance
0 396
the thoughts and feelings from someone who couldn't imagine his life without alcohol.. doing this the best he can. One day at a time.
Daily Thought
0 516
Daily Meditation for Men in Recovery
The L.I.S.T. ACA Group Blog
0 281
The L.I.S.T. ACA Group Blog is about our ACA face to face group as well as the musings of the blogmaster, Lexxie. Conference approved ACA information. Meeting times and a map to our group.
Red Rider 88
0 166
My attempt to go my first 365 Days without alcohol....
Hope Healing and Growth
0 194
Recovery, AA, Adult Childern of Alcoholics,
The Climb
0 668
Advocates For Recovery Blog
What the Tide Brings
0 788
Service Members tell their stories of Recovery from substance abuse.
Peaceful Pandemonium
0 338
I have been sober since I was 19, now at 34, I find I the journey has just begun.
0 292
12 Step Blog for Individuals in Recovery - News, Meditations, Events, Humor!
Doggielover: There is hope.
0 171
I blog about sobriety, alcoholism & how I'm dealing with the real world. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it really bad!
Recovery 101 with Bryan K.
0 181
A journey through the recovery process of the 12 steps. A collection of thoughts and interpretations of the literature and work of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Counting Days
0 397
Counting Days helps you share your experience, strength, and hope with other newcomers and connects you to the continually developing and changing recovery community
Compulsive Gambler in Recovery
0 206
A journey through recovery from a lifelong addiction to gambling. I started recovery prior to entering prison, continue through prison and now have an amazing life as I have entered the free world a
A Vision for Us
0 204
This site is a spin off of my daily site it is for people in recovery to find daily thought and my own experience strength and hope...I only started this to help others which in turn helps me . I am 23 year sober and a proud member of AA...Thank you for h
0 211
This blog is written from the perspective of a mother of a heroin addict. She writes about her journey through the last 10 years of addiction and her use of the 12 step program of Al-anon to find peac
On The Wagon, Admiring The Cowboys
0 203
One Year in the Life of a Sober Gay Guy
Mom's Recovery
0 205
Single mom of 4, tired of being a victim and letting life manage me, decides to manage life instead. Truth and humor about my recovery process (non AA) while raising 4 kids.
New Beginnings
0 610
This is a place for all of us to join together in starting over in life.
Mothers Addicted To Alcohol
0 1365
Sort of an online AA for Mums...definately a site designed specifically for any Mother or woman who wants to read about another Mum who has been an alcoholic for over 20 years.

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