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Site Of the Moment:
Diary of a Mad Overeater
Wherein I chronicle my obsession with food and compulsive overeating and explore the solution... Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness.

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Coffee Bitch
0 240
The adventures of an alcoholic dad and his three boys.
0 205

Learning As I Go Along
0 209
AA recovery
Sober Steve
0 192
This is a journey that I have started at age 40 to get me thru the second half of my life sober
Whatever it takes
0 490
Documenting my journey through the twelve steps of Overeaters Anonymous towards sanity and contented abstinence.
A day in the life of Yosickmomma...
0 533
The trials and tribulations of the single mom of a Devilteen (but I call her Angel!) A recovering alcoholic, I have had lots of life experience, now I am searching for a way to let all y'all know the
a family in recovery
0 645
Daily chronicle of recovery from alcoholism in the first 90 days and beyond written by a recovering alcoholic and his wife. Discusses recovery as a family him-putting sobriety first her-learning compa
Hand in Hand With the Spirit of the Universe
0 362
How i do life, with the help of God, 12 steps, traditions, the principles of AA, a sense of humour, and whatever else teaches me in the day.
My journey from Addiction to Redemption
0 305

This is my story of learning to live a sober life, my journey of addiction to redemption.
0 206
This a Blog I decided to start to share my expereinces in life,and how the power of God has transformed my life.

Sober Re-Sources
0 830

Dynamic addiction news gathering, plus opinions and articles From AA to Zoloft;)
Something New Every 24.
What Winners Do
0 352
Addiction recovery from the point of view of a recovering drug addict. The daily struggles and success of trying to do what the winners do are shared with complete honesty.
Addicts Helping Addicts
0 915

AHA or Addicts Helping Addicts is a site devoted to helping those inflicted with the disease of addiction. We provide information, a community with your own profile pages, as well as a highly rated bl
The Junky's Wife
0 1207

Gospodi Pomiluj
0 833

Going Sober DOS 6/11/07
Relieve me of the Bondage of Self
Clean Time For Dummies
0 239
Helpful 12 Step links, Article reviews concerning addict-related topics, humour, and fellowship
Wanna Peace a Me
0 187
Alcoholism and alcohol related stories in the news and whatever else tickles my fancy.
Frunobulax57 (Recovered Alcoholic)
0 514
I will work 1:1 with ANY alcoholic, FREE. You must be able to travel to Cape Cod, MA and cover your own room and meals. You will spend 30 days with me. Be willing to allow me to speak with your spouse/family members without restriction. Under certain circ
New Beginnings
0 623
This is a place for all of us to join together in starting over in life.
Another Door Opens
0 306

Journal of a recovering alcoholic/addict who's learning about responsible employment, marriage, and motherhood
0 264
12 Step Programme based Recovery Programme
My Journey To Recovery
0 256

I cannot undo what I have done, I can only live better today.
The Real "Power" Behind Alcoholics Anonymous
0 532
Commencing 2010, this new blog site contains ongoing articles about the real "Power" behind A.A. That power is God, and this site will show you why - at the beginning of A.A. and now!
Diary of a Mad Overeater
0 482
Wherein I chronicle my obsession with food and compulsive overeating and explore the solution... Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness.
What is your deepest Fear?
0 386

Learning to live in the real world sober
One Primary Purpose
0 259
Observations from life on the road (of recovery).
A Day in the Life of Alcohol and Drug Recovery
0 348
A journey with me through my life in recovery a day at a time, a minute at a time a second at a time..whatever it takes.
0 466
One person's journey through recovery from depression and alcoholism.
I'm just F.I.N.E.
0 1461

Telling about what it's like to work on recovering from the affects of alcoholism through Al-Anon
Just For Todays
0 231
This weblog is intended to help us live the Emotions Anonymous program one day at a time. It has been written by members of Emotions Anonymous for anyone who wants to spend a part of each day with a f
Thy Will Not Mine
0 286
Blog of a young artistic woman in recovery.Updated daily.
0 213
just another recovering alcoholic making an online scrapbook of thoughts and images .... digital expressionism.
The Trudge Report
0 697
A sober & single mom on the road to happy destiny!
0 584
My journey through sobriety and my life as a single Mom.
Beginning (my) life at 30
0 168
How I began my life again @ 30. I write about many things including recover, humor, bad spelling, links, music or whatever is on my mind.
0 25
Free Falling into A Sober Life
A blog about quitting my dysfunctional relationship with booze.
Peaceful Pandemonium
0 338

I have been sober since I was 19, now at 34, I find I the journey has just begun.
Serenity & Style
0 458
My name is Mary-Nevin and as I approach 25, I figured I would write about my adventures of growing up. Some of my favorite things are Cooking, Recovery, Social Issues, Fashion, Beauty in its endless f
Happy Recovery
0 356
Positive meaningful recovery is living life to its fullest. Living a Purposeful Clean and Sober Life takes focusing on what we want and not solely on our challenges!
0 211
This blog is written from the perspective of a mother of a heroin addict. She writes about her journey through the last 10 years of addiction and her use of the 12 step program of Al-anon to find peac
Chapter 2, My new Life & Journey Daily Life of a grateful recovered Alcoholic & Drug addict
0 150
Trains, Tutus and Tea Time
0 326
I write about my life, which includes my family, passions, creativity, and sobriety.
The Recovering Alcoholic
0 709
I've recently discovered that after years of denial and excuses, I'm an alcoholic. I'm 26 years old, and this is the story of my journey.
A Boldness of Spirit
0 403
Straight talk about my addiction and where I was and where I am now. I am honest, loyal, loving and tolerant of other people's religious beliefs even if you are not a believer.
after the pop
0 1580

musings from a colorado gay man living in long term recovery and working with others along the way.
Breathing Lessons
0 218
Breathing Lessons; Living life sober
What the Tide Brings
0 789

Service Members tell their stories of Recovery from substance abuse.
Experience, Strength, Hope
0 470

Life with addiction, mental illness, sobriety, recovery, and God authored by a crazy woman who is a recovered alcoholic, a wife, a mother, and an adult child of alcoholic parents
Voices of Treatment
0 116
Everybody's Beautiful
0 214
A blog about my journey for inner peace and sobriety.
The Climb
0 668
Advocates For Recovery Blog
Red Rider 88
0 166
My attempt to go my first 365 Days without alcohol....
Fighting back from Addiction
0 578
My journey away from addiction began in a Thai temple and there is no telling where it will lead to next. I know it is possible to make dreams come true in recovery, and the possibilities are quite as
Hapless Tigger
0 1195
humor, recovery, horseracing, kvetching, loving ... or whatever's on my mind, one day at a time.
Blog at
0 770
Invited special surprise guest authors submit a blog entry.
Daily Thought
0 516
Daily Meditation for Men in Recovery
B Here Today
0 631
A blog for people in recovery looking for day-to-day living tools. Often, it's not the major life-events that cause us to use alcohol or drugs after a period of sobriety. We can struggle with sobriet
Rainbow Recovery Club
0 248
Rainbow Recovery Club presents a comedic and fun BLOG by: Lauren L! Come read and enjoy the funny and heart capturing sides of recovery. We are not a glum lot!
Recovery Is A Choice
0 188
This blog is about recovery in AA. I have been in AA for over a quarter of a century and I guess it's safe to say I have opinions about things. This blog is where I freely give my opinions that don'
To Thine Own Self Be True...
0 228
A daily account of my recovery and sobriety.
The Sober Salesman
0 7
Being a salesman is hard doing it sober is even harder. I've decided to tackle the sales business alcohol free. Follow me as I tackle the ups and down of being alcohol free in an alcohol fueled environment
Sober For A Year
0 614
On October 30th 2009, around 1:00 am, I decided to stop drinking (or taking anything stronger than coffee) for an entire year! All proceeds raised during this challenge will be donated to charity. Thi
0 164
keeping it simple
Last 100 Days as an Alcoholic
0 1679
Follow the day by day countdown of my spectacularly hopeless drinking career, where I go from a full-blown stumbling alcoholic to a responsible, sober husband, father, business owner and community member. Australian.
The Twelfth Suggestion
0 200
thoughts, ramblings and ideas about living the program.

Twelfth Suggestion is dedicated to studying and discussing the application of 12-step recovery to daily living.
Sober and Sassy
0 153
Just a sober Mom giving her sober thoughts a home.
Miracle Maker
0 186
Sober reflects on the journey.
grace always waits
0 721
I have have felt for years that I wish I could save the world ~
today, I'm just working on me
0 191
Al-Anon & COSA recovery, from a lesbian who inherited the family disease of Alcoholism. I am seeking acceptance and compassion from my Higher Power for myself, my family, and my ex-partner.
Random Thoughts
0 2918
I'm Here Because I'm Not All There.

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