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Serenity Wheel
0 114
This blog is about living the Serenity Prayer, one day at a time. It won’t be easy, but we can learn to stop wasting time trying to change the things we can’t and start to make real progress toward changing the things we can.
My Journey Out of Darkness
0 126
Life Corked
0 940
My life as a recovering alcoholic and stay-at-home mom - and all that I'm passionate about.
And My Name Is John
0 240

I am passionate about my sobriety, and I am passionate about writing, and this is my experience, strength and hope on a number of sobriety-related topics.
The Sober Heart
0 268
Reflections on love, life and recovery from a recovering journalist.
My Life Sober
0 132
Personal alcoholic & recovery blog. The authors personal experience being a mom, wife & daughter through alcoholism & sobriety. Life stories & advice from someone who has been through it all.
High Wire Girl
0 609
I've always had this brain and heart.
Now, they work properly.
0 89 is an online pharmacy for Indian consumers. We help folks with their health products as well as by giving them some literature over products
Sober Companions
0 313
Sober News sober companions 12 step related topics.
1100 Paces
0 258
Sober in Shanghai. I have 42 days and leave Feb. 12th on a 6-12 week assignment in China. Will I stay sober? I hope so. This blog is, hopefully, going to help.
0 326
I am a lady angler, mom, wife and sober living enthusiast.
The World of Karma
0 270
The daily updated writing blog
Recovering Betty
0 105
A blog about figuring out who I am without my addictions, by AA Betty
0 96
Recovering from a life of alcoholism, coding and cynicism
Life Without Vodka Rocks
0 252
A blog about my decision to become and stay alcohol free, on my own terms.
Young In a New World
0 209
I am 24 and I'm trying to get sober. I am basically just writing blogs on this site to (1) reflect for myself and (2) hopefully make some friends in the online sober community.
0 208

Sober: Recovery Social Network
Stay Amazing!
0 93
My Blog is intended to help myself and help others using thoughts and affirmations to block any negative "self" talk that may derail the good path you are on. To Live life soberly and to the fullest
Best Online Anabolic Steroids Stores and Pharmacie
0 193

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The Empty 12 Pack
0 662
Musings on sobriety and living sober from a Gen X dad.
Carpet Wyse
0 103
CarpetWyse is the leading online resource for everything there is about carpet. They offer practical tips for caring for carpet and provide information regarding how to get new carpet installed the right way. CarpetWyse is your one stop shop for everythin
0 246
A place where you can find sober people who want to continue and marvel in their sobriety instead of keeping it a secret. Sobriety is meant to lived to its unlimited reason to be lonely in the journey when you're the best version of yoursel
Jane Wary
0 107
Ex-Wino is now a teetotaler!
The Rooms Project
0 125
A sober photographer's photo + audio story series on individuals living in recovery from alcoholism and addiction.
Life To Be Continued
0 174
A Minnesota girl navigating college and sobriety.
RealYou Revolution
0 245
We help people with addictive, fearful or self-sabotaging tendencies get honest with themselves, take control of their lives, stand in their own power and happiness...regardless of other people's expectations.
0 216
I am a 46 year old woman, wife, mom, teacher, yoga instructor who has battled an alcohol problem for about 15 years or so. With ton of day ones behind me, I seem to finally be THRIVING in my sobriety.
0 186
Musings on all things recovery-social, political, the New Recovery Advocacy movement, Recovery Oriented System of Care
God, Please Keep Me Sober Today
0 96
My brutally honest journey to a sober today
Buy Safe Steroids
0 198
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More Than Sober
0 198
A personal recovery blog including recommendations of reviews of recovery resources, addicted art and addiction news.
Anabolic Steroids for Sale
0 200

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Road to Abstinence
0 291
My name is.... not relevant.

I am.... not an alcoholic.

But I do suffer from alcohol issues and this is my blog, my 'warts and all' story about the journey along the road to abstinence.

We all have our own ways to get through life.
Throwing Words Down
0 124
A blog...Trending Sober and other Frolicking thoughts
0 204
women in recovery from the disease of alcoholism
girl gone sober.
0 262
A blog about one girl getting sober and living sober in San Diego.
Nick is Not Drinking
0 216
Nick is Not Drinking in 2014
Drug Treatment Ceenter Finder
0 239
At Drug Treatment Center Finder, we’re dedicated to helping addicted individuals get in touch with drug and alcohol treatment centers that can help. We understand addiction is a harrowing disease, and it can be made worse by the bureaucracy surrounding ad
Party.0 Sober Parties
0 152

We create a safe and inclusive environment for students to connect, learn and grow alongside their peers by throwing sober parties.
Needy Helper
0 215
It's a site designed to help people quit drinking through inspiration, storytelling and coaching.
365 Days to Sobriety
0 217
Blogging to stop drinking - a journal
0 246
Working mom of 3, figuring out how to live a happy and healthy sober life.
Sober Bastard
0 278
Tips, tricks & anecdotes about getting sober- this ain't your kumbaya sobriety blog.
innerwoven: life from the inside out
0 333

Dedicated to those places where life, liturgy, theology and the arts intersect with and promote spiritual formation (of which my ongoing sobriety is key!) – who we are becoming.
The End of the Road
0 304
My journey starts at the end of the road with booze.
Spaces Home & Beyond
0 280

Spaces, Home and Beyond defines ’The Spirit of India for pretty bed and bath linen’. Our ideas for your home furnishing express a unique sentiment, where decoration can be simple, elaborate, beautiful
0 131
Viewing the world without the glass bottom lens
0 402
I am a European female age 40 something and in feelingmywaybackintolife I describe my road to sobriety from 12 glasses of booze a day to 0 - and how that feels. Please join if you're interested.
girl gone sober.
0 289
a blog about living sober. i didn't always drink beer but when i did i drank a lot of it. stay sober my friends.
A Double Shot of Recovery
0 124
How a bipolar alcoholic rebuilt his life
0 249
Join me as I begin the journey.
0 153
A girl blogging about her life, experiences and adventures in recovery from eating disorder and addiction. I embracing my new life and all the challenges and growth that comes with it.
All Who Wander are not Lost
0 309
A blog about my life, recovery, love, joy, and the pursuit of living each day, one day at a time.
The underside of open journal.
0 369
An autobiographical journal of self discovery, recovery, and a road very much 'less travelled.'
The Invertebrate Linchpin's Sobriety Journal
0 193
I, Agnostic
0 380
as an agnostic, i struggle to find how i fit in with program and how program fits in with me; this is what i know so far
Year 2
0 176
I just celebrated a year. Let's see what happens in the second!
Jump and then Build Wings
0 464
Recovering from the lifelong affects of living with the disease and being an alcoholic.
That Which I Have Lost
0 212
Follows a young woman, new to sobriety, AA, the aftermath of a DUI, and admitting her addiction.
My Recovery from Gambling Addiction
0 319

Addiction and Recovery related thoughts
---Is it a choice?
---Is biology a factor?
---How does one break free....and stay that way.
Just For Today
0 194
Just for today, I will surrender my will and my life to the hands of a loving God. Just for today, I will face circumstances of my life with deliberate joy. Just for today, I will be teachable. Just f
The True Thoughts Of A Alcoholic/MOTHER
0 240
The road and day to day ups and downs in recovery. The body heals and the mind to follow....
A Passion for Jaywalking
0 273
One woman's adventures in AA, advertising and parenting.
Drunk In Cardiff
0 285
Struggling towards sobriety, or sensible drinking after years of suffering from alcohol and depression problems.
The Uphill Journey to Sobriety
0 211
What it says on the tin.
Read from bottom up.
0 227
A recovering drug addict and alcoholic, John W. lives in Hollywood, CA and blogs about his journey in recovery.
Empty Blue Eyes
0 174
A tale of an attempt at sober living by an 18-year-old pill head.
Recovery Now
0 174
Recovery Now is a new blog that is intended to offer news, education, and support for people in recovery or wanting to learn more about alcoholism or addiciton.
Early Recovery Blog
0 410
A blog for the newcomer to sobriety. When you are new to recovery, when the idea of being clean and sober seems too much - take heart and know that you are not alone.
*~*Cross Addicted*~*
0 305
Complicated Woman-child learning to keep it simple. Christianity + Recovery = Cross Addicted

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