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Site Of the Moment:
Seltzer & Sobriety
Stories and tips from a sober woman in her 20s. Lots of gifs too, so be ready to giggle.

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Stay Amazing!
0 98
My Blog is intended to help myself and help others using thoughts and affirmations to block any negative "self" talk that may derail the good path you are on. To Live life soberly and to the fullest
Best Online Anabolic Steroids Stores and Pharmacie
0 206

A list of best anabolic stores online, choose your favorite anabolic steroidsa pharmacy and benefit from discount and rapid shipping to any address or location, top anabolic steroids and testosterone
Anabolic Steroids for Sale
0 217

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The End of the Road
0 306
My journey starts at the end of the road with booze.
In Search of Serenity
0 203

A 23-year-old law student's perspective on the challenges and triumphs of a life in recovery.
Road to Abstinence
0 295
My name is.... not relevant.

I am.... not an alcoholic.

But I do suffer from alcohol issues and this is my blog, my 'warts and all' story about the journey along the road to abstinence.

We all have our own ways to get through life.
365 Days to Sobriety
0 219
Blogging to stop drinking - a journal
Needy Helper
0 223
It's a site designed to help people quit drinking through inspiration, storytelling and coaching.
Voices of Treatment
0 116
Sober Sunday Someday
0 74
Journey to a sober life.
Waking Up the Ghost
0 558
For ten years I was a functioning (and then not so functioning)alcoholic. I'm trying my hand at sobriety and blogging about the journey. Wish me luck people - I'm temperate in a tipsy world!
Sober Something
0 204
6 Year Hangover
0 409

Lifestyle Sober
0 245

A lifestyle blog full of musings and tips on living a concious and creative life- without alcohol.
0 205
Sober health, wealth and happiness - writing about sobriety from many perspectives.
Granny Gets Sober
0 389
Typical blog about me on my sober journey. The only difference might be the fact that I'm a Granny, not a young mother. Conscious living, meditation,quotes, etc.
Essentials Of Recovery
0 609

This site contains loads of recovery stuff. Daily Reflections, Meditations, Quotes, Speakers, NA Stuff, 12 step stuff, native American,, Zen and loads more to help anyone recovering from addiction.
Addicted to Sobriety
0 261
Sober accountability blogging
The World of Karma
0 275
The daily updated writing blog
Recovering Betty
0 108
A blog about figuring out who I am without my addictions, by AA Betty
Party.0 Sober Parties
0 154

We create a safe and inclusive environment for students to connect, learn and grow alongside their peers by throwing sober parties.
0 245
Creating new beliefs about living life without alchol
climbing the well
0 157
I am 34 years sober but am currently experimenting with a new level of recovery; no addictions or obsessions what-so-ever except for my Higher Power - God. It's been 10 months since I've started this experiment and I'm finding out all kinds of new things
earthy monk: musings from a painted soul
0 144
0 93

TreatmentHelp is the ultimate online resource for finding the right treatment center for you! Whether you are dealing with alcoholism, addiction recovery, drug addiction or a mental/behavioral disorde
Life of a Recovering Addict
0 129
Personal blog of my journey in addiction recovery
0 214

Sober: Recovery Social Network
0 101
Recovering from a life of alcoholism, coding and cynicism
Rand Harper, MA
0 86
Rand Harper, MA is an Integrative Life Coach who specializes in working with individuals who are ready to end a destructive relationship with alcohol.
Sober Paradisio
0 215
Living with clarity, community and joy ...without the booze.
My Sober Life
0 83
I'm alicensed therapist struggling with alcohol addiction. My site offers tools, ideas and my own personal journey in sobriety. Beating alcohol addiction one day at a time. Change happens when you'r
The Sobriety Collective
0 262

A community of creative sober citizens, sharing their stories and thoughts on recovery.

We. Are. Sober.
0 284
Recovery from eating disorders, body image distress, postpartum depression, sometimes cross addiction, and the journey of mother hood.
Bye Bye, Belvedere
0 58
Bye Bye Belvedere is the online journal of a queer grrl in her early twenties getting sober (again) and (finally) loving it.
In Search of Serenity
0 232
A wife, mommy of 3, and a working therapist faces her own struggles with alcohol. Using self-reflection, wit, professional knowledge, and an unflinching honesty, she invites you along her journey through sobriety and recovery.
0 152
A middle aged man - father and more - getting sober and now finally getting his shit together - one day at a time
I Fly at Night
0 210

Adventures in truth telling. My honest account of my struggle with addiction, the journey to sobriety and love of all kinds.
Recovery Pilot
0 201

This is my story of where I was, my personal rock bottom and how I came into the rooms of AA and learned how to work the steps, do the work I needed to do and helping to carry the message to other alc
Sober Sunset
0 206

A blog about me drop kicking alcohol from my life and attempting to live a better life as a sober, thirty-something, single parent in the UK, and all the things I am rediscovering about myself on the
Sloan gets sober again
0 206
Personal blog about rehab, journey to sobriety from booze and heroin
0 171
Newly sober single mom - successful, sarcastic, sober
Suburban Betty- Clean and Serene
0 104
Trying some clean livin' after years in a wine bottle.
The Serenity Tree
0 111
This site is my journal of living one day at time without alcohol.
Sober Stephanie
0 78
Just a girl blogging about her journey down the scary road to recover, struggling past the abyss that seems unending.
0 176
When drink takes over, waking up and stopping.
recovery yenta
0 192
I blog about the love, laughter and life in recovery with a little bit of fashion and pop culture. Sure to have you leaving with a whole lot of hope and some glitter!
Sober Life In Anaheim
0 73
A blog and a sober home for men trying to get back their lives, one day at a time.
0 260
I am a 40-something mother, wife and professional learning to live joyfully without alcohol. I started this blog to help me process and document my recovery journey, and hopefully help others along t
Buy Safe Steroids
0 218
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More Than Sober
0 201
A personal recovery blog including recommendations of reviews of recovery resources, addicted art and addiction news.
0 194
Musings on all things recovery-social, political, the New Recovery Advocacy movement, Recovery Oriented System of Care

0 614
I write about being a young independent woman in recovery and the strengths and vulnerabilities of sobriety.
God, Please Keep Me Sober Today
0 100
My brutally honest journey to a sober today
Life Without Vodka Rocks
0 256
A blog about my decision to become and stay alcohol free, on my own terms.
Young In a New World
0 214
I am 24 and I'm trying to get sober. I am basically just writing blogs on this site to (1) reflect for myself and (2) hopefully make some friends in the online sober community.
0 251
A place where you can find sober people who want to continue and marvel in their sobriety instead of keeping it a secret. Sobriety is meant to lived to its unlimited reason to be lonely in the journey when you're the best version of yoursel
0 224
I am a 46 year old woman, wife, mom, teacher, yoga instructor who has battled an alcohol problem for about 15 years or so. With ton of day ones behind me, I seem to finally be THRIVING in my sobriety.
The Rooms Project
0 129
A sober photographer's photo + audio story series on individuals living in recovery from alcoholism and addiction.
Finding Sobriety
0 581
Nationwide AA Meeting & NA Meeting Finder
Carrying the Kingdom
0 85
Honest sharing from my own 12 years in recovery and the ongoing journey to turn myself over to the God who saved me and reveals me.
Minhazur Rahman Nayan
0 101
Blog About Film Music Bangladeshi
Film by Minhazur Rahman Nayan
Blog About Minhazur Rahman Nayan
Booze: All that glitters is not gold
0 220
The good, the bad and everything in between of alcohol & sobriety. Blogging my way through sobriety.
Deep Sobriety
0 86
Recovering and sharing.
Life To Be Continued
0 177
A Minnesota girl navigating college and sobriety.
RealYou Revolution
0 250
We help people with addictive, fearful or self-sabotaging tendencies get honest with themselves, take control of their lives, stand in their own power and happiness...regardless of other people's expectations.
My quest for a sober free life
0 297
I'm a mum just trying to live a better life. This is my my quest for an alcohol free life.
Against The Waves
0 123
The joys and experiences of living an alcohol-free life in a world that expects me to drink.
seaching for balance
0 376
This is my journey battling alcohol. I don't know if I am an alcoholic (don't need inpatient detox, don't get the shakes, don't drink in the morning, don't drink daily) but do know I can't seem to get control of my drinking. I do know that I am a binge dr
Empty Blue Eyes
0 178
A tale of an attempt at sober living by an 18-year-old pill head.
Drunk In Cardiff
0 290
Struggling towards sobriety, or sensible drinking after years of suffering from alcohol and depression problems.

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