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Site Of the Moment:
Executives Trying to stay Sober
I started this community to bring people of all ages, stages, places, spiritualties, personalities About me: Vice President of a Software Company, Highly functioning alcoholic, entrepreneur, retired b

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A Double Shot of Recovery
0 129
How a bipolar alcoholic rebuilt his life
Step 11 dot com
0 185
A moderated blog discussing aspects of the eleventh step of the program of recovery suggested in the book "Alcoholics Anonymous".
In God's Hands
0 503
A journal of recovery
the world according to dominick
0 182
Humorous, light side of recovery, inspirational
Addicts Helping Addicts
0 915

AHA or Addicts Helping Addicts is a site devoted to helping those inflicted with the disease of addiction. We provide information, a community with your own profile pages, as well as a highly rated bl
Sobriety Girl
0 1013

One of the biggest fears of beginning any journey is the unknown. We do not know where the journey will take us and that can be quite scary. What will we uncover? What will we find along the way?
the inconvienent truth
0 291
recovering wife, mother and addict
0 510

A Frum (Jewish) Twelve Stepper (12 steps) writes (using "meditation books" as an inspiration )about how she is continually reminded that "Hashem (G-d) is driving the bus",and about her efforts to
sober and pregnant
0 97
I am in recovery, I am pregnant and I am single.
What Winners Do
0 352
Addiction recovery from the point of view of a recovering drug addict. The daily struggles and success of trying to do what the winners do are shared with complete honesty.
0 541

True "outsider art". When I got sober I started drawing and now I cant stop. Check this crazy stuff out.
Sails of Oblivion
0 333

A deteriorated soul struggles to survive against insuperable odds. Diaries from the present & from the past. Commentary. Allegory. Family life, love, addiction & despair.
Partner Recovery and Relationship Health Blog
0 193
Some Chick's Blog
0 504
Just some tweeker's white trash kid. Struggling with crystal meth addicton ALMOST destroyed me - I overcame.
0 311

The place for Jewish recovering addicts, to meet, communicate, and support each other in their recovery
Stop, Drop, Recover
0 417

Real Life Recovery.
The World of an addict
0 270
I am an addict. I am an alcoholic. The truth is everything to me. Writing down the facts and making something out of it is creativity in it's most wonderful form. You can hate what I have to say. You can love it. I really don't care. I have a voice, an
Improve Our Conscious Contact
0 734

Exploring Step Eleven
Doctor's Girlfriend
0 238

AA told me to "get a life" and I did. Life happens when you least expect it...:)
0 266
Fully featured blogging community focused on sober living. Connect, share, and learn. Addicted to drugs or alcohol, in recovery, or treatment? Get a free blog, read about other peoples journey on the
All My Affairs Blog
0 245

Giving back to recovery in all our affairs.
...the anonymous blogger...
0 428

Somebody needs to say it, and since I haven't heard it, I guess it is me...Sober 9 years and this is my experience...
There is a end and a beginning...this is neither...this is the journey...
Eclectic Recovery
0 266
Eclectic Recovery is a resource, support environment and community portal for women in recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse. As the name implies, Eclectic Recovery does not subscribe to any one model of recovery, but seeks to integrate all aspects of a
It's In the Book
0 217
Alcohol gave me wings to fly -- and then it took away the sky. Recovering since 9-1-1995, I believe that it's my time to fly. Find here my thoughts on recovery, as well as meaningful excerpts from recovery literature.
0 403

Personal site about his experience of recovery from alcoholism.
Marijuana Addict - Quitting Weed - My Recovering
0 385
Marijuana Addiction and Recovery Blog. I am documenting my process of quitting marijuana. Daily Journal entries and research.
0 211
I'm a different iteration of you. See what parts of you are found here.
0 206
This a Blog I decided to start to share my expereinces in life,and how the power of God has transformed my life.

Journey of Recovery...Search For Serenity
0 871

Our families journey in recovery, teenage addiction issues, healing, empowerment, growth, freedoom.
0 237
sober. video. blog

Beacon Hall
0 193
Sober Blog
Sober Mama's Musings
0 180
I am a sober alcoholic woman, mother, wife. I work full time, I parent my two children when not at work, I struggle for balance in life. This is my journal.

Recovery Monologue
0 370
A Blog of Serenity - This site shares the experience, strength and hope of addicts of Sex Addiction.
The Sober Life
0 270
Stories of Experience, Strength, and Hope in Recovery and after Addiction.
Sober Inspiration
0 528

Strange crap just happens in sobriety. Here are some of those stories.
My Recovery from Gambling Addiction
0 321

Addiction and Recovery related thoughts
---Is it a choice?
---Is biology a factor?
---How does one break free....and stay that way.
The Society of the Second Chance
0 399
the thoughts and feelings from someone who couldn't imagine his life without alcohol.. doing this the best he can. One day at a time.
Just For Today
0 197
Just for today, I will surrender my will and my life to the hands of a loving God. Just for today, I will face circumstances of my life with deliberate joy. Just for today, I will be teachable. Just f
Today I Went for a Walk
0 205
Today I went for a walk...
I am a recovering alcoholic trying to get to know myslef by taking daily walks and sharing my discoveries along the way.
Clean Time For Dummies
0 239
Helpful 12 Step links, Article reviews concerning addict-related topics, humour, and fellowship
experience strength and hope
0 197

poems of life's lessons both good and bad in and out of sobriety
Complications of a Perfect Life
0 449
A recovery based blog by a girl who had everything, got sober and then watched her life fall apart....
A Free Man's 12 Step Podcast
0 414

A 12 step recovery podcast featuring weekly Alcoholics Anonymous speakers
Sober Blog
0 290
Musings from a Young Timer
A Day At A Time
0 215
A Day At A Time
These daily reflections, prayers and tags of memory-sticking phrases are intended to offer inspiration, comfort and, above all, hope.
Reverend Johnny Dragon
0 340
One thing is for sure, I am on a spiritual journey. I discovered something through my struggles with alcohol and drugs. I needed to connect with something bigger than myself.
Ingenue, Interrupted
0 187
A joyful, vegan, astrologically advised romp through recovery.
Three Routes
0 488
A woman who has found her way to a higher powered life, gratefully pays homage to the three 12 step programs that keep her on the path.
Compulsive Gambler in Recovery
0 208
A journey through recovery from a lifelong addiction to gambling. I started recovery prior to entering prison, continue through prison and now have an amazing life as I have entered the free world a
Dr. Bob and Alcoholics Anonymous
0 256
Devoted exclusively to information about A.A. co-founder Robert Holbrook Smith, M.D. (affectionately called Dr. Bob)detailing facts about his training in the Bible, his youngster days in Vermont, the
Wanna Peace a Me
0 187
Alcoholism and alcohol related stories in the news and whatever else tickles my fancy.
Living Life Sober
0 216
An alcoholic and an addict starts a new life sober. Read posts about my struggles, lessons and AA meetings, starting from only a few hours sober.
Heritage Home Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center Blog
0 250
Drug and alcohol addiction news and information from Heritage Home Addiction Treatment Centre.
Trying to stay sober
0 179
My journey to sobriety
Wife of Addiction
0 182
A journey through the experiences and recovery through the Al-Anon program by the wife of an alcoholic.
The Subversive Librarian
0 255
Recovery. Parenting. GLBT issues. And stuff. Lots and lots of stuff.
Executives Trying to stay Sober
0 160
I started this community to bring people of all ages, stages, places, spiritualties, personalities About me: Vice President of a Software Company, Highly functioning alcoholic, entrepreneur, retired b
Beyond The Bottle
0 167
A 22 year old girl's journey through sobriety.
0 230
Life, times, & sobriety from the land of ice and nice.
Treatment 4 Addiction
0 188 (T4A) is a comprehensive information resource on drug abuse, addiction and treatment. Our staff of addiction professionals and experts have contributed a wealth of information, with the hope of providing a quality website for indiv
Paper Containment
0 208
This is my evolution of beliefs while becoming a recovering Alcoholic Addict.
0 395 is the daily story of my life in recovery, as a single Mom and as women. I had the honor of telling my story in People magazine and on Dr. Phil, which turned my private little blog into an amazing, supportive community. I am proud to even be
0 380
Manna...for my Soul !
0 247
Some of the uplifting stuff that happens in recovery.
Please contribute.
Sobriety Fitness
0 833
...A Healthier Way of Living!

Sobriety Fitness is not all about exercise. It is much more than that. It is the ability to work on ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically while trying to stay
0 172
An analysis of the 12-Step Recovery Movement
0 191
Al-Anon & COSA recovery, from a lesbian who inherited the family disease of Alcoholism. I am seeking acceptance and compassion from my Higher Power for myself, my family, and my ex-partner.
Miracle Maker
0 186
Sober reflects on the journey.
Hope From Dope
0 17
I am an author and blogger that shares my personal story of recovery. I share a lot of stories of my addiction and recovery to show people to the best of my ability how hard it is to fight addiction and how rewarding recovery can be. I also share a lot of
Another Door Opens
0 306
Journal of a recovering alcoholic/addict who's learning about responsible employment, marriage, and motherhood

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