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How to get and stay clean and sober the 12 step way

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Empowering My Sobriety
0 250
Documenting my 'get sober mentality'.
Nicotine Kisses and the Backseat Club
0 223
A collection of thoughts from a gay recovering drug addict who questions God and the world. I am trying to find my way and place in New York City.
In Search of Serenity
0 197

A 23-year-old law student's perspective on the challenges and triumphs of a life in recovery.
Can't Keep A Sober Girl Down
0 286
Sober Living -Live a Big Life! Sober girl. Sober woman. Recovery.
0 631
My blog is a diary on the early days of a Mom recovering from alcoholism and addiction.
I am the face of an addict
0 327
Hi, Im Rachel I am new to the whole blogging at getting help online and I gain a lot from all of your sites posts. I a wondering if you have an insights or suggestions into how I can advertise/publicize my post without having to actually people the url?
God, Drugs and Thugs
0 297
Drug addiction, two divorces, the loss of my children, lost jobs, etc. woke me up to the fact that I can't keep trying to be something I'm not. So I stopped. And found myself to be awesome.
Tired of Thinking about Drinking
0 587
The truth is, I drink more than I want to. And I think waaaay too much.
Peace Love & Shari
0 1
Shari is a certified nurse-midwife and certified recovery and life coach committed to empowering women through pregnancy and the transition to motherhood who have been affected by addiction, trauma, a
0 226

Spiritual River Addiction Help and Alcoholism Treatment -
0 2
Largest platform for user generated content on addiction and recovery.
The Onymous Alcoholic
0 203
Hi – I’m Andy,

I’m 35 years old, have a senior role in a management consultancy – but my binge drinking has almost destroyed my relationship with my wife, our finances and my work.

I don’t drink every day, but when I do, I go on a bender, embarrass
0 240
Alcohol news on which journalist Scott Stevens has reported, with additional commentary from the award-winning international self-help author. The SATURDAY REWIND is an article retrieved from Stevens' published news articles that is relevant to current de
Corked: My Journey Living Sober
0 200
A mom, wife and recovering alcoholic's daily journey through sobriety.
Sober Planet
0 170
World Wide Recovery Outreach Network helping Addicts and Alcoholic to achieve Sobriety.
0 263

my site is for young adults seeking for support from drug abuse. Share comment and vote on my blog !! thanks
Grateful For Recovery
0 299
I am an alcoholic in recovery. I blogged under the former site I just got my own personal website to share my story of recovery and education about addiction.
The Briar Patch
0 166
A blog where I journal about my path to sobriety.
Your Daily Reprieve
0 431
Daily meditations email list.
Supercharged Sobriety
0 223
A place to share and learn about life beyond meetings and a full recovery experience
my thoughts
0 187
my blog
0 276
Sobriety for women is an online resource center for women and their families looking for help in their recovery from various forms of addiction. We provide blog topics on new drugs, eating disorders,
0 180
Things I have learned being sober in A.A. since 1999.
0 138
“Nothing Changes, if nothing changes.” It is the inscription on a coin a man gave me (whom I had never met) at an AA Meeting last Sunday. I was 4 days sober that day. And each day I try to find my way
Below Her Means
0 192
personal finance and sobriety
sober in october
0 287
keeping it simple since ten one two thousand
Alison's Insights
0 425
Focuses on the many life lessons learned going through the addiction recovery process in midlife and how to incorporate those lessons into daily life one very slow deep breath at a time.
0 195
I began this blog about 3 years ago when I desired to hike the Inca trail. At that time I was drinking heavily but din't want to quit nor did I know how to quit drinking. I have been sober since May
The Soberist Blog
0 398
An ex-party girl works hard to become a happy, sober Mama.
My Life Sober
0 218
A blog about my journey and experiences through alcoholism and recovery and sobriety. It's my life as a sober mom, wife and woman. I tell how I am doing it every day, with hope and positivity while being honest about those dark moments.
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Thomas Hill: A Long and Winding Road
0 255
Personal blog discussing recovery journey and AA
The Easier Softer Way
0 849
Recovery from addiction through intense spiritual examination. We stress that there are many paths to sobriety and each person's is different.
0 113
Sobriety is awesome!!!
0 366
Sober. Not dead. Life isn't all about meetings, therapy, and
AA! Join us as we learn what fun is in sobriety! We have topics such as Sober Fun, Sober Nights Out, Clearing the Wreckage, Sober...but F
Imperfect and Sober
0 75
A mother's journey in sobriety
Controlling the Reigns
0 256
I talk about ways that I continue through the healing I have found in my recovery
Have I got a problem?
0 574 is a free online resource to help you understand issues or concerns you may have about mental health or addiction issues.
Single and Sober and Thirty
0 212
As a young, 30-something single woman, I am told I could meet people (men) on meetups and singles vacations and lock and key parties, all of which usually involve alcohol. I mean, I might go to a club to dance, but I'm not hunting for a husband in a bar.
Slushkitty lives!
0 454
love. recovery. bad advice.
0 267
My site contains blogs that discuss emerging issues in the area of addiction. New issues and challenges as well as treatment suggestions are shared.
Eight Years Later
0 223
Sobriety changed my life for the better, but life still happens...
All that heaven will allow
0 348
Don't give up before the miracles happen!
A Society of Sobriety
0 192
We live in a society where alcohol is included in almost every event. Thousands of people die every year from drinking related incidents. When we are stressed, bored or emotionally wrecked, many of us turn to drinking and drug abuse. The goal of this blog
Through the Glass Darkly
0 149
A woman's journey into one full year of sobriety.
The Life of A Recovering Addict
0 392
My Blog Features My Own Experiences Being a College Student who has to Juggle School, Love, Family and a Life Recovering from Addiction. Ill be sharing the ways I take on life's challenges. All while giving you a unique perspective through the Eyes of a F
brought to you by the letter A
0 234
My journey to sobriety as a twenty something single mom
sober and pregnant
0 92
I am in recovery, I am pregnant and I am single.
0 154
A life serene is exactly what I strive for with every breath. I hope you appreciate my humility, drive, and passion for life. My sobriety date is 3/4/2010.
0 141
Self-Employed. Sober. Shopaholic.
Sober Effects
0 297

A personal account of the effects that sobriety is having on my life and musings on what my life was like then compared to what it is like now.
The Watershed Blog
0 156

Addiction Industry News, Recovery Related Topics, and Stories of Hope from drug and alcohol addiction to recovery.
The Privileged Addict
0 711
The Privileged Addict blog is a forum about spiritual growth and action, addiction and recovery, and Twelve Step principles. The wisdom of the Twelve Step process is the same wisdom contained within the core of any religious or spiritual tradition through
Dream Warrior Recovery
0 379

Dream Warrior Recovery is a solution based recovery site.Designed ten years ago for expat sobriety communities since then it has spread across the world and works with ALANON,AA,CODA,CA and of
Addiction, Bipolar, God & Me
0 134
I am 27 and currently in the midst of cocaine addiction. My blog is an honest look at my day to life dealing with this addiction. I also have bipolar disorder and this will too have an honest day to day look at the highs and lows that this illness include
Will For Sobriety
0 121
Reflections on my trials, tribulations and triumphs from alcoholism to sobriety.
Peter hone Ex Drunk
0 178
The Pink Cloud of Sobriety
0 288

Sobriety and recovery are beautiful things. I want to help those who want it, by finding pleasure in the mundane.
sober stability
0 257
A newly recovering alcoholic, and recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I am on my way to both physical and mental health, and couldn't be more grateful!
Lets Talk Recovery
0 111
Dealing with the step work and what is involved in working a program of recovery and living a life of recovery.
Living Day by Day as a Recoveing Addict
0 261
My thoughts, revelations, experiences, and random bits of wisdom I encounter during my ever continuing recovery from addiction.
0 229
here we spread the knowledge of alcohol & chemicals
Drunky Drunk Girl
0 838
A blog about getting sober, written by a woman who loves (or, loved) wine.
my junkie life
0 296
Life in recovery, a personal journal of experience, strength and hope. The good, the bad and the funny. A place where you can get the raw truth - life, sobriety, higher power, awesome quotes I find helpful in my journey and spirituality and growth.
Building Relationship With God (CarlonLScott)
0 261

This is my personal blog. Being sober since 9-3-09, I am focused on having “relationship with God”. My mission is to help you establish, re-establish, nurture, strengthen and grow your relationship wi
Recovery Corner
0 379
Recovery is all about change. If you are suffering from addiction, depression, anxiety or just finding life overwhelming, I hope to make a difference in your world. To be yourself is to become yourself.

0 247
Recovered alcoholic who shares about all things alcoholism. Personal stories, spiritual quotes from every religion/spiritual practice I can find. Quotes from Big Book, sayings from the rooms, jokes, c
Definition of Addiction
0 268

A collection of well researched drug and alcohol addiction articles pertaining to every aspect of the field of addiction!
State of Grace
0 232
A 30 something sober upper west sider exploring all facets of recovery and on a spiritual quest for self and higher power.
0 249
In 2003, a month after my only son died from an accidental drug overdose, I started a blog called “staticpoetboy” in his memory. In 2008, I admitted my powerlessness over alcohol and entered a progr

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