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Sober Waitress
I started this blog on day 6 of my sobriety- I'm attempting to quit drinking while working in the restaurant business in hopes of a happier and healthier life.

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Empowering My Sobriety
0 251
Documenting my 'get sober mentality'.
Girl With The Star Tattoo
0 271
My road in first year of recovery.
Supercharged Sobriety
0 225
A place to share and learn about life beyond meetings and a full recovery experience
0 277
Sobriety for women is an online resource center for women and their families looking for help in their recovery from various forms of addiction. We provide blog topics on new drugs, eating disorders,
Hawaii Island Recovery Alcohol & Drug Rehab
0 248
Contact us at 808-217-8688

The highest quality residential treatment center for addiction in Hawaii is Hawaii Island Recovery. Were located in Kona on the Big Island and make use of the most progressive treatment available. With no more than 10 client
sober and pregnant
0 93
I am in recovery, I am pregnant and I am single.
steadyrehab - help with alcoholism
0 140

A UK blog based website supporting sufferers of alcoholism. Advice and contacts. Help and support for friends and family of those concerned.
Reads and Recovery
0 275
An over thinker's thoughts on life. Recovery has adapted so many of those thoughts.
Sober Mommies
0 406

Sober Mommies was created to connect sober women/mothers and women/mothers contemplating sobriety. We share our stories of recovery, provide support, and offer many online resources.
0 140
Nothing Changes, if nothing changes. It is the inscription on a coin a man gave me (whom I had never met) at an AA Meeting last Sunday. I was 4 days sober that day. And each day I try to find my way
Single and Sober and Thirty
0 214
As a young, 30-something single woman, I am told I could meet people (men) on meetups and singles vacations and lock and key parties, all of which usually involve alcohol. I mean, I might go to a club to dance, but I'm not hunting for a husband in a bar.
0 244

I am Emily! And I am a alcoholic. I started to be my personal journey of my recovery, but after a few very public appearances it became much more that that-it became a special place for
recovery required
0 201
One 40 year old girl's journey in her first year of sobriety.
I am the face of an addict
0 327
Hi, Im Rachel I am new to the whole blogging at getting help online and I gain a lot from all of your sites posts. I a wondering if you have an insights or suggestions into how I can advertise/publicize my post without having to actually people the url?
cleaning up behind the bar
0 251
An introduction to sobriety for an actively employed bartender.
God, Drugs and Thugs
0 297
Drug addiction, two divorces, the loss of my children, lost jobs, etc. woke me up to the fact that I can't keep trying to be something I'm not. So I stopped. And found myself to be awesome.
High Bottom
0 153
Im a recovering alcoholic on a mission to help other women (and the occasional man too) discover that recovery can be amazing and open up to a world of peace, joy and excitement that we never knew wh
Becoming Clean and Sober
0 129
My inanition is to be fully conscious
Maya June's Sobering Adventure
0 192
Newly sober mom, wife and teacher trying to sort it all out.
Thomas Hill: A Long and Winding Road
0 256
Personal blog discussing recovery journey and AA
The Soberist Blog
0 399
An ex-party girl works hard to become a happy, sober Mama.
Imperfect and Sober
0 77
A mother's journey in sobriety
Can't Keep A Sober Girl Down
0 287
Sober Living -Live a Big Life! Sober girl. Sober woman. Recovery.
Alison's Insights
0 426
Focuses on the many life lessons learned going through the addiction recovery process in midlife and how to incorporate those lessons into daily life one very slow deep breath at a time.
0 227

Spiritual River Addiction Help and Alcoholism Treatment -
449 Blog
0 132
Just starting but it will be my struggle with BDD and alcoholism.
0 114
Sobriety is awesome!!!
Discovering Beautiful
0 132

Just a person in Recovery, 7 years. I share my thoughts, strengths, victories and epic fails with the internet world. Addict turned Substance abuse counselor student, living one day at a time -sober.
0 238
Empowered Doctor offers an Latest breaking health news, Medical news with video stories. Empowered Doctor also has a local doctor directory so you can find a doctor in your area
Through the Glass Darkly
0 151
A woman's journey into one full year of sobriety.
New Beginnings
0 320
I am a 19 year old writer, Ayurvedic practitioner, yogi and farmer in Hawaii! Young, sober, and wanting to share my experience in recovery with other people!
0 178
blog to stop drinking
For The Love of...
0 285
This blog is dedicated to sobriety. I have been sober now for 9 years. My husband of 12 years has now been sober for 3 1/2 years. I not only post on how life is now, but I have added journal entries starting 12 years ago and how we both became sober.
The Teetotal Movement
0 248
This is a site designed to inspire and motivate people to adopt a teetotal lifestyle.
God Walked Into This Bar
0 561
Follow along with me as I claw desperately for sobriety (Damn, I just chipped a nail). Share my highs and my lows, wallow with me in my self-disgust and triumph with me in my uh...triumphs! No preaching! No judging! Just know that despite what it might lo
A Beast Within
0 195
One man's journey through recovery from alcoholism.
Eight Years Later
0 224
Sobriety changed my life for the better, but life still happens...
Trudging the Road of Happy Destiny
0 276
Recovery related blog with daily inspiration
The Narrow Way
0 494
A blog about coming out, staying clean and trying to live a spiritual life.
The Sober Life
0 266
Stories of Experience, Strength, and Hope in Recovery and after Addiction.
A Society of Sobriety
0 193
We live in a society where alcohol is included in almost every event. Thousands of people die every year from drinking related incidents. When we are stressed, bored or emotionally wrecked, many of us turn to drinking and drug abuse. The goal of this blog
All that heaven will allow
0 349
Don't give up before the miracles happen!
Peter hone Ex Drunk
0 179
Addiction, Bipolar, God & Me
0 135
I am 27 and currently in the midst of cocaine addiction. My blog is an honest look at my day to life dealing with this addiction. I also have bipolar disorder and this will too have an honest day to day look at the highs and lows that this illness include
Dream Warrior Recovery
0 381

Dream Warrior Recovery is a solution based recovery site.Designed ten years ago for expat sobriety communities since then it has spread across the world and works with ALANON,AA,CODA,CA and of
alcoholism recovery
0 874

Everything you ever wanted to know about alcohol. What it can do to you and what you can do about it!
Sober Effects
0 301

A personal account of the effects that sobriety is having on my life and musings on what my life was like then compared to what it is like now.
Nicotine Kisses and the Backseat Club
0 224
A collection of thoughts from a gay recovering drug addict who questions God and the world. I am trying to find my way and place in New York City.
In Search of Serenity
0 198

A 23-year-old law student's perspective on the challenges and triumphs of a life in recovery.
Have I got a problem?
0 575 is a free online resource to help you understand issues or concerns you may have about mental health or addiction issues.
Slushkitty lives!
0 455
love. recovery. bad advice.
0 367
Sober. Not dead. Life isn't all about meetings, therapy, and
AA! Join us as we learn what fun is in sobriety! We have topics such as Sober Fun, Sober Nights Out, Clearing the Wreckage, Sober...but F
Controlling the Reigns
0 257
I talk about ways that I continue through the healing I have found in my recovery
sober in october
0 288
keeping it simple since ten one two thousand
Sober Planet
0 171
World Wide Recovery Outreach Network helping Addicts and Alcoholic to achieve Sobriety.
The Briar Patch
0 167
A blog where I journal about my path to sobriety.
0 196
I began this blog about 3 years ago when I desired to hike the Inca trail. At that time I was drinking heavily but din't want to quit nor did I know how to quit drinking. I have been sober since May
My Life Sober
0 219
A blog about my journey and experiences through alcoholism and recovery and sobriety. It's my life as a sober mom, wife and woman. I tell how I am doing it every day, with hope and positivity while being honest about those dark moments.
The Sober Living Experience
0 227
A blog pertaining to recovery in and out of a sober living in southern California.
Tired of Thinking about Drinking
0 588
The truth is, I drink more than I want to. And I think waaaay too much.
0 632
My blog is a diary on the early days of a Mom recovering from alcoholism and addiction.
0 413

Daily Reflections on Sobriety, by AA Members for AA Members - Not Affiliated with AAWS. Sharing Experience, Strength and Hope from Around the World
0 268
My site contains blogs that discuss emerging issues in the area of addiction. New issues and challenges as well as treatment suggestions are shared.
The Onymous Alcoholic
0 206
Hi Im Andy,

Im 35 years old, have a senior role in a management consultancy but my binge drinking has almost destroyed my relationship with my wife, our finances and my work.

I dont drink every day, but when I do, I go on a bender, embarrass
The Easier Softer Way
0 852
Recovery from addiction through intense spiritual examination. We stress that there are many paths to sobriety and each person's is different.
Recovery Corner
0 380
Recovery is all about change. If you are suffering from addiction, depression, anxiety or just finding life overwhelming, I hope to make a difference in your world. To be yourself is to become yourself.

my junkie life
0 297
Life in recovery, a personal journal of experience, strength and hope. The good, the bad and the funny. A place where you can get the raw truth - life, sobriety, higher power, awesome quotes I find helpful in my journey and spirituality and growth.
Soberity and Prosperity
0 344
My site is about recovery and what has help me to stay sober. I also write about hobbies.
0 272
The blog offers hope and encouragement to families in recovery.
Recovery or Bust
0 252
My site is a blog about my experiences in recovery. It also includes recovery literature from NA and AA and links to many other 12 step programs

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