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Site Of the Moment:
In 2003, a month after my only son died from an accidental drug overdose, I started a blog called “staticpoetboy” in his memory. In 2008, I admitted my powerlessness over alcohol and entered a progr

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Coda Coach
8 563
Thoughts, rumblings, and hopeful advice from a recovering co-dependant and sponsor. Although I mention the fellowship and belong to the fellowship, this is a personal blog, not a coda-affilated blog.
Trash Can Dream
8 553

Growing in recovery seems, for me, to always come from the sudden ability to see the truth, which is maybe why the process is sometimes slow and sometimes painful.
8 141
This site offers healing quotes and AA speaker tapes plus NA speakers.Helping addicts with overcoming addiction.
Bob's Thoughts
8 1034
This is my personal Blog where I put down some useful information, thoughts, photographs and pictures, rants and raves, on paper as it is, about my life and times, travels, moutain biking and adventures around the country
Alcoholic Diary
7 625

Namenlosen Trinker -- Trudging the Road of Happy Destiny since August 1992 and sharing ESH. Along the way I hope to tell some interesting stories and even offer an opinion or two. May someone benefit!
Without a lens
7 257
An anonymous blog by a 40-something single head of household mother in America who is newly committed to sobriety. This blog charts the journey from day one, through good and bad.
A day in the life of Yosickmomma...
7 525
The trials and tribulations of the single mom of a Devilteen (but I call her Angel!) A recovering alcoholic, I have had lots of life experience, now I am searching for a way to let all y'all know the
a family in recovery
7 632
Daily chronicle of recovery from alcoholism in the first 90 days and beyond written by a recovering alcoholic and his wife. Discusses recovery as a family him-putting sobriety first her-learning compa
Clear-Eyed Life
7 16
After 20 long years in the trenches of addiction, I'm newly sober and discovering all the blessings I've been missing. Published author, mama, wife, and child of Christ.
Sober Re-Sources
7 813

Dynamic addiction news gathering, plus opinions and articles From AA to Zoloft;)
Something New Every 24.
Drying Out
7 28

I have recently made what I hope will be a massive life changing decision. After long discussions with loved ones, friends and professionals I have decided to say farewell to something that has been a
6 546
The concept of WHOA!-briety is a simple one: That there is much more to life than just being sober.

This forum is about how YOU interpret that simple sentence.

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This blog exists for the benefit of the
6 305

Celebrating Recovery From Alcoholism & Drug Addiction
Journey Thru Psalms...An Addict's Perspective
6 796
After several years of struggling with Sex Addiction and Alcoholism I made a conscious decision that I was going to do whatever it took to better manage my life. This blog documents that story.

I re
Just Kiss My Hiney
6 17
A Blog by a woman with Long Term Sobriety
The Recovering Life
6 711
Making the principles of recovery look like superpowers in everyday life.
Maple Tree Monologues
5 601
Hi my name is Rebecca
my sobreity date is
6/2/96 I am ACTIVE in AA, I have a home group I am a sponsor and I do service work, have worked the steps as laid out and am on the path.
A Free Man
5 609
“But this man still lives, and is a free man. He does not need a bodyguard nor is he confined. He can go anywhere on this earth where other free men may go without disaster, provided he remains willing to maintain a certain simple attitude.” -The Big Book
The Serenity Tree
5 108
This site is my journal of living one day at time without alcohol.
My Sober Life
5 302

The Recovery Revolution [formerly KLEN+SOBR]
4 499

Shunning stereotypes and shattering stigma of being in recovery from alcohol and other drugs. Home of the Since Right Now Podcast.

Eli Hornby
4 727
I wish I only had to introduce ME: dad, husband, songwriter, pastor. But sometimes when I’m hurting my addict comes around. Don't worry though - He’s a coward. And I’m not. I’m Eli, and I’m an addict
4 987

Recovering alcoholic's blog on various aspects/thoughts on AA, the recovery process, spirituality, and meditation.
Sobriety, Sports and Travel
4 242

This is a blog written anonymously that weaves sobriety, sports and travel topics together, all in the spirit of recovery.
The Trudge Report
4 693
A sober & single mom on the road to happy destiny!
Ask Recovery Rob
4 260

Ask Recovery Rob is a website for people in the addiction recovery community. Whether you are an addict, living with an addict, or know one, this is a safe place for you to ask for addiction advice an
Mummy's Journey 2
4 154
Just a simple woman, trying to get sober....
4 1
A blog about my journey from addict to recovery. I talk about what I have gone through, and where I am at now. I discuss what has worked for me and how to get others involved about what has helped them. I want the site to be a place where people can re
Another Door Opens
4 300

Journal of a recovering alcoholic/addict who's learning about responsible employment, marriage, and motherhood
What is your deepest Fear?
4 383

Learning to live in the real world sober
One Year Viewed From Space
3 272
Writer shares a residential "sober house" with five other men in recovery from alcoholism.
Sober Foundations
3 1
A sober lifestyle blog
Christian Recovery Community
3 0
We are a community of Christians in recovery from addictions of all kinds. Share your story, find fellowship and support, become one of our Recovery Warriors. We are stronger together.
Enjoy Today
3 339

enjoy each moment
enjoy each minute
enjoy each hour
A Spiritual Evolution
3 114

Reflections on recovery from alcoholism and codependency via the 12 steps, with added insights from the author's Near Death Experience
Life Is An Octopus
3 270
My blog is about staying sober, getting back my creativity, and how I'm handling life and its many obstacles (mostly as it pertains to staying sober).
3 13

A personal blog about getting sober and re-gaining my life.
Experience, Strength, & Hope of a Grateful AlAnon
3 250
Although this site is not conference-approved literature, I am starting this blog as a way to share my experience, strength, and hope. In some ways, it allows me to give service in an entirely new, 21
Alcoholics Guide to Alcoholism
3 316

We do recover from alcoholism and addictive behaviour. I blog about the hows and the whys of addiction and recovery.
Gospodi Pomiluj
3 826

Going Sober DOS 6/11/07
Relieve me of the Bondage of Self
Recovering Warren
3 145
My name is Warren, I'm in recovery and this is what I'm glad about.
BrainDead Genius
3 263

This guy was GENIUS enough to sit down and shut up while people were trying to show his BRAINDEAD ass how to live...
The Adventures Of a Sober Señorita
3 608
I write about being a young independent woman in recovery and the strengths and vulnerabilities of sobriety.
Sober Mom Of 2
3 24

Recovery, sobriety, motherhood and my daily struggles staying sober...One Blog At A Time...

I am a Sober Mom Of 2 wonderful boys. This is my account of how to stay sober and live happy, joyous and f
Amelia Room Blog
2 2275
Alcoholics Anonymous(AA)Recovery topics. Archives and History of the Amelia Room. AA Grapevine Magazine Information. Guest bloggers.
Sober Boots
2 1908

A blog by Heather Kopp, author of Sober Mercies: How Love Caught Up with a Christian Drunk. Her boots got sober in 2007 when she stopped hiding alcohol in them. She writes about faith and addiction.
Life Corked
2 941
My life as a recovering alcoholic and stay-at-home mom - and all that I'm passionate about.
No Permanent Solutions
2 341
My version of why I'm still alive and how I live. Trudging clean, sober, happy and free.
Sober Living - Get You Some!
2 190
Wisdom - Insight - Triumphs - Hope - Living Sober - Living in a Sober House
Sober and Skinny
2 1389

I blog about recovery after I almost died from liver failure at 37. Now at 43 I'm sober, broke, divorced and 100 lbs. lighter. Trying to find happy. "We can all change the end of our stories."
addictShun | addictions
2 569
There is one who shuns addiction but attracts addicts as well as the addict who causes those to shun them. addictSHUN: everyone is touched by this. Find recovery here.
2 380

A fifteen-year journey through recovery from sexual assault, emotional abuse, eating disorder, and mental and emotional disorder has left me with abundant joy and healing I hope to share. The Curious
Blog at
2 764
Invited special surprise guest authors submit a blog entry.
Teetotaled at Twenty-six
2 335
Our blog is about two twenty-somethings living the sober life in Gwangju South Korea.
The Sober Salesman
2 2
Being a salesman is hard doing it sober is even harder. I've decided to tackle the sales business alcohol free. Follow me as I tackle the ups and down of being alcohol free in an alcohol fueled environment
2 371

A gay meth addict writes about the darkness and shame of meth addiction from the vantage point of recovery.
2 173
A Blog about ART, RECOVERY, and LIFE. I am 42 years old, a husband, a father, an artist, a sometimes writer/poet, a certified alcohol and drug counselor, a public speaker and trainer, a dreamer, an educator, an advocate for those involved in the criminal
God-loving Buddhist drunk
2 391
I am an alcoholic sober in Alcoholics Anonymous since September 9, 1999. I have long been convinced of the essential compatablity of AA and Buddhism, and would like for this blog to be an exploration
Spilled Wine
2 187
I am quitting drinking in 2016. In Spilled Wine, I will record that journey and my discoveries, especially about alcohol and women.
Sober 24/7
2 461

We share Good thoughts to to have been thunked and shared. Happiness isn't in a bottle. It's a state of mind. A Site by people in recovery, but not limited to those. For people looking for a ray of
smartband blog
2 77
smartband blog
Spiritual Condition
2 393
Spiritual writings based on the experience of one sober drunk.
2 260
Love and Acceptance - A blog about my experiences with, and thoughts about, sobriety and life in two twelve step programs.
Finding Sobriety
1 577

Nationwide AA Meeting & NA Meeting Finder
Recovering Anorexic
1 536

A blog documenting my recovery from anorexia and my life in Overeaters Anonymous.
Jennifer Place
1 2

Author / Recovery Coach
Spiritus Contra Spiritum
1 411
One man's experiences in 12 step recovery and the spiritual life.
1 853

Real Life
1 3
One Wife's Journey Through Addiction and Rediscovery of Self
Just For Today Meditations
1 2339

Just For Today Meditations is a site built in helping us in Maintaining A Life

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