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Site Of the Moment:
Recovery Writings and Blogs
A collection of my personal memoirs showing my battle with addiction. As well as my favorites hand-picked from around the web.

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The Second Coming of Bacchus
1 191

A gay Pagan dude in recovery who works in property management and says inappropriate things. All prayers welcome.
Grateful For Recovery
1 319
I am an alcoholic in recovery. I blogged under the former site I just got my own personal website to share my story of recovery and education about addiction.
My Life in Tampa
1 117
I've been sober for nine years tomorrow, just restarting my blog today. Will be talking about being sober and continuing living sober after many years of sobriety.
Random Thoughts
1 2917

I'm Here Because I'm Not All There.
young, dumb, sober
1 251
I'm young, dumb and sober. These are the things I encounter as a result.
1 152
Sober musings on relationships, sponsees, steps, recovery, etc..
The Trudge Report
1 697
A sober & single mom on the road to happy destiny!
Spilled Wine
1 195
I am quitting drinking in 2016. In Spilled Wine, I will record that journey and my discoveries, especially about alcohol and women.
Darryl S. Duke My Book My Blog
1 8

Rebelling Dogs (agnostic and freethinkers)
1 516

A secular look at 12-Step life from a 40-year-sober "unbeliever" as Bill W calls us, hosts a radio show (podcast) called, Rebellion Dogs Radio. I'm a journalist (music/finance/recovery lifestyle) a
1 65

A funny, inspirational, and honest take on recovery.
Saint Jude Stretched
1 208
Relapse prevention from one who knows. I have fallen on my drunk backside several times. I now have some good sober time and write for my own benefit. I have learnt much from the blog world and wish to share whatever I can that is helpful.
1 355
4soberladyz is my personal blog for women in recovery from alcoholism.
When Water Will Suffice
1 97
One person's self-help attempt to retreat from the brink of alcoholism and return to good health.
Mummy's Journey 2
1 159
Just a simple woman, trying to get sober....
To Thine Own Self Be True...
1 228
A daily account of my recovery and sobriety.
Nick is Not Drinking
1 223
Nick is Not Drinking in 2014
My Life Sober
1 141
Personal alcoholic & recovery blog. The authors personal experience being a mom, wife & daughter through alcoholism & sobriety. Life stories & advice from someone who has been through it all.
Sound Bites for an Alcoholic
1 434

Words of Wisdom for anyone suffering from the disease of alcoholism. Sobriety is an effort we all pursue one day at a time.
Zenith Chasing
1 257
A twenty-something, female, east-coast transplant, creatively inclined, dirt poor, recovering addict documents her struggles and triumphs as she claws her way towards her dream of a happy and productive life in San Francisco.
God-loving Buddhist drunk
1 393
I am an alcoholic sober in Alcoholics Anonymous since September 9, 1999. I have long been convinced of the essential compatablity of AA and Buddhism, and would like for this blog to be an exploration
My Sober Life
1 307

Doubt. Hope. Recovery.
1 197
This blog documents, as the title says, my doubt, hope and recovery in relation to the 12 steps and 12 traditions of Overeaters Anonymous. Please comment on posts and share with your friends! I can always be reached at
Sober GIrl
1 567

I Am A Sober Girl is the musings of a recovered alcoholic. That is, a female alcoholic, sober with the help of a well-known 12-step program.
Teetotaled at Twenty-six
1 337
Our blog is about two twenty-somethings living the sober life in Gwangju South Korea.
My journey from Addiction to Redemption
1 305

This is my story of learning to live a sober life, my journey of addiction to redemption.
A Boldness of Spirit
1 402
Straight talk about my addiction and where I was and where I am now. I am honest, loyal, loving and tolerant of other people's religious beliefs even if you are not a believer.
1 377

A gay meth addict writes about the darkness and shame of meth addiction from the vantage point of recovery.
1 1354

Alcoholism, addiction, and recovery support links, quips, and quotes. Website and blog link exchange, and a daily web diversion updated one day at a time!
addictShun | addictions
1 572
There is one who shuns addiction but attracts addicts as well as the addict who causes those to shun them. addictSHUN: everyone is touched by this. Find recovery here.
Recovery Is Sexy
1 572
Recovery Is Sexy explores recovery of sexuality while recovering from alcoholism, addiction and/or codependency.
Primarily based on 12-Step principles we include articles we have found that have helpe
No Permanent Solutions
1 345
My version of why I'm still alive and how I live. Trudging clean, sober, happy and free.
Voyage of The Sobernaut
1 290
I used to drink. I quit. I write about it. But in a funny, entertaining way. I hope.
BrainDead Genius
1 265

This guy was GENIUS enough to sit down and shut up while people were trying to show his BRAINDEAD ass how to live...
What is your deepest Fear?
1 386

Learning to live in the real world sober
Sober Boots
1 1913

A blog by Heather Kopp, author of Sober Mercies: How Love Caught Up with a Christian Drunk. Her boots got sober in 2007 when she stopped hiding alcohol in them. She writes about faith and addiction.
Insights of a Sober Yogi
1 806
The journey of sobriety, supported by yoga and other spiritual practices.
Maintaining Miracles
1 24
An addiction recovery site focused on empowering women in recovery. We don't glorify war stories. We help to create a new life in recovery and grow to be a kick ass sober woman.
October O Nine
1 581

I am a suburban housewife with three boys. I am also a recovering alkie who likes to blog about life after booze.
Write Minding
0 161
I woke up on April 9th, 2013 and recognized a need for change... that *I* had to be that change. This blog is a daily journal of my sobriety and mindful living.
0 115
Sobriety is awesome!!!
T's Dry Wit
0 210
A blog about sobriety and jogging.
0 244

gay fragrance is highly erotic blog. here you can find hot pic, Hot fucking video, Erotic Stories ant many more.....
Living In Spirit
0 148
Daily spiritual messages geared towards those in recovery. Keeping in mind the principles of patience, tolerance, kindliness and love.
Reads and Recovery
0 279
An over thinker's thoughts on life. Recovery has adapted so many of those thoughts.
0 136
My recovery journal.
Discovering Beautiful
0 135

Just a person in Recovery, 7 years. I share my thoughts, strengths, victories and epic fails with the internet world. Addict turned Substance abuse counselor student, living one day at a time -sober.
Addiction Recovery for Dummies
0 236
Just starting out but this blog is about my personal journey past a present. A very wise woman and someone very close to me suggested I do this as part of my recovery and so I am going to do. I had th
0 275
The blog offers hope and encouragement to families in recovery.
The Sober Lawyer
0 519
Reflections on recovery and sobriety from a recovering alcoholic attorney...
The Watershed Blog
0 166

Addiction Industry News, Recovery Related Topics, and Stories of Hope from drug and alcohol addiction to recovery.
Recovery on Film
0 132
I'm blogging a set of daily meditations I'm working on based on movie quotes:
My Daily Alcoholic and Addict P.R.A.H.R. (Preventi
0 440
Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder Recovery through Self-Directed Cognitive Behavior Therapy using the Emotional Positioning Strategy Model
0 226
A very real and truthful look at life in recovery.
Outright Mental Defective
0 221

Ongoing conversation about living sober one day at a time.
The Party is Over
0 4

Following the trials, miscues and adventures of a newly sober 40-something gal who is learning to live life on life's terms and laughing at herself in the process.
0 244
Empowered Doctor offers an Latest breaking health news, Medical news with video stories. Empowered Doctor also has a local doctor directory so you can find a doctor in your area
Still Not Drinking
0 207
My personal blog charting my early and ongoing sobriety
0 214

Sober: Recovery Social Network
449 Blog
0 136
Just starting but it will be my struggle with BDD and alcoholism.
0 93

TreatmentHelp is the ultimate online resource for finding the right treatment center for you! Whether you are dealing with alcoholism, addiction recovery, drug addiction or a mental/behavioral disorde
Writing for recovery
0 192
A site I started to document my recovery process and keep in touch with all of the people I've met in treatment. I post about tools of the program, struggles, successes, and motivational tidbits.
Recovery Princess
0 388
Recovery Princess is a personal sobriety blog that I started when I quit drinking alcohol. The purpose was to share the ups and downs of early sobriety with others who were in the same situation. This
Once upon a time, there was a drunk named Rachel..
0 279

Sober thoughts from a sober girl trying to get by with a smile, sense of humor, and a new thirst for life!
Let Go Absolutely
0 135
Single and Sober and Thirty
0 219
As a young, 30-something single woman, I am told I could meet people (men) on meetups and singles vacations and lock and key parties, all of which usually involve alcohol. I mean, I might go to a club to dance, but I'm not hunting for a husband in a bar.
0 257
Join me as I begin the journey.
Paper Containment of Silhouette Urges
0 159
Raw recovery based thoughts. Expressing the ups and downs of arresting the dragon inside...everyday
0 361
This is simply a space for recovering alcoholics and addicts to share the joys, struggles and realities of a sober life. Please feel free to read, write, share but most of all, enjoy.
Hawaii Island Recovery Alcohol & Drug Rehab
0 253

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