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Site Of the Moment:
The World of an addict
I am an addict. I am an alcoholic. The truth is everything to me. Writing down the facts and making something out of it is creativity in it's most wonderful form. You can hate what I have to say. You can love it. I really don't care. I have a voice, an

Rank Site In Out
647 148
The adventures of newly sober guy, DrinkyMcDrinksTooMuch
Addiction Blog
530 157

Addiction Blog explores issues about alcoholism and drug addiction, especially Rx addiction. We offer medical information for substances users where they're at along the spectrum of abuse.
The Last Chance Texaco
167 1133

My life doesn't even resemble what it was before. Yet sometimes I still think I should be "weller" than this by now...
Guinevere Gets Sober
152 1472
Offering news, reviews, and straight talk about addiction and recovery... and of course great stories...
Last 100 Days as an Alcoholic
140 1016
Follow the day by day countdown of my spectacularly hopeless drinking career, where I go from a full-blown stumbling alcoholic to a responsible, sober husband, father, business owner and community member. Australian.
Random Thoughts
132 2597

I'm Here Because I'm Not All There.
Sober Boots
118 823

A blog about the intersection of addiction and grace by Heather Kopp, author of the upcoming memoir, Sober Mercies: How Love Caught Up with a Christian Drunk.
117 48
Secretly quitting my secret habit of secretly drinking, while sharing my story with the world.
Catholic Alcoholic
110 361
Wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, daughter-in-law, business-owner, old-house fixer upper, labrador-lover. Cradle Catholic. Alcoholic. I love Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint Mary Magdalene. M
Sober and Skinny
108 536

I blog about recovery after I almost died from liver failure at 37. Now at 43 I'm sober, broke, divorced and 100 lbs. lighter. Trying to find happy. "We can all change the end of our stories."

"Every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men,
living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure
as I have received and am still receiving."

Albert Einstein US (German-born) physicist (1879 - 1955)

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Eli Hornby
107 480
I wish I only had to introduce ME: dad, husband, songwriter, pastor. But sometimes when Iím hurting my addict comes around. Don't worry though - Heís a coward. And Iím not. Iím Eli, and Iím an addict
Alcoholism-A Life Sentence
88 621

My story of recovery from Alcoholism and Depression.
82 993 is a not for profit outreaching online web log committed to sharing experience and solutions with families and communities impacted by addiction.
Sid's Recovery Blog
81 685

This is my journey through recovery from sexual (& other) addictions, showing how my Creator is using the the 12-Step Christian recovery model to give me relieve from the behaviors that bring me pain.
Alcohol Free - A Year or More With No Booze
75 778
I'm writing in this blog everyday for a year, at least, that I plan to spend sober.
Veronica Valli Sober Girl
75 128
Sober Girl telling the world Recovery Rocks! Resource for all matters of alcoholism and addiction. Weekly Recovery Rocks interviews with people in recovery that are focused on what's great about being sober, NOT reliving the horror of rock bottoms.
The official blog of: Changing Lives Foundation
62 422

We provide substance abuse hope, info and interesting links to families in crisis. From Joe Herzanek/author of the award-winning book "Why Don't They Just Quit?" and Changing Lives Foundation
Oh For The Love Of...Me
60 850

Just another 50+ woman trying to get her shit together.
My Side of the Street
58 758
I am 44, hiv+ now going on 18 years, I am 10+ years clean and sober. I live in Montreal, I am married to my partner Peter and I am retired from education and into the next stage of my sober life.
55 1067

Al-anon, ACA (ACoA) 12 step related readings and articles. This is my way of giving back!

"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.
You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.'
You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

Eleanor Roosevelt US diplomat & reformer (1884 - 1962)

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The Junky's Wife
52 399

Sober Re-Sources
49 370

Dynamic addiction news gathering, plus opinions and articles From AA to Zoloft;)
Something New Every 24.
The Easier Softer Way
47 483
Recovery from addiction through intense spiritual examination. We stress that there are many paths to sobriety and each person's is different.
46 670

Alcoholism, addiction, and recovery support links, quips, and quotes. Website and blog link exchange, and a daily web diversion updated one day at a time!
43 402

How to get and stay clean and sober the 12 step way
43 215

Sober. Not an AA fan. 7 years on this glorious wagon doesn't make it any easier, just a little different. Connections are what I crave...and well...booze. Married, mom of two young ones, Seattle.
Sober Life
43 216
A blog about my adventurous journey through the struggles and triumphs of living life alcohol free!
kickin tina
42 6410
life after meth is when the party begins. gay man in search of emotional and spiritual sobriety since 9/28/2004.
Improve Our Conscious Contact
41 454

Exploring Step Eleven
alcoholism recovery
40 573

Everything you ever wanted to know about alcohol. What it can do to you and what you can do about it!

"Courage is fear that has said its prayers."

Dorothy Bernard

Rank Site In Out
Coda Coach
39 140
Thoughts, rumblings, and hopeful advice from a recovering co-dependant and sponsor. Although I mention the fellowship and belong to the fellowship, this is a personal blog, not a coda-affilated blog.
whiskey and porn for everyone
38 1083
self help for thinking people. Recognizing that change isn't an event, but the process. Alcoholism and Recovery, Domestic Violence and Abusive Love, Yoga and Meditation, Creativity and Writing, and Self Help for everybody
Alcoholic Outsider Artist
38 74

The Trudge Report
37 251
A sober & single mom on the road to happy destiny!
New Beginnings
37 176
This is a place for all of us to join together in starting over in life.
Life Corked
37 46
My life as a recovering alcoholic and stay-at-home mom - and all that I'm passionate about.
Purifying Grace
34 276

Openness & honesty about my process of overcoming porn addiction & becoming sexually pure, which can only happen through the purifying grace of God and my ramblings to help others.
A Free Man
34 154
ďBut this man still lives, and is a free man. He does not need a bodyguard nor is he confined. He can go anywhere on this earth where other free men may go without disaster, provided he remains willing to maintain a certain simple attitude.Ē -The Big Book
The underside of open journal.
34 157
An autobiographical journal of self discovery, recovery, and a road very much 'less travelled.'
It's Never Too Late for a New You
33 235
This is the diary of a girl who decided after about 10 years of hard partying and social drinking that maybe alcohol wasn't the best thing for her life. In this blog you will follow her journey as sh

"We learn by example and by direct experience because
there are real limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction."

Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, 2005

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Willing 2 Be Anonymous
33 248

If you are Willing to be Anonymous (W2BA) by not posting pictures of yourself and keeping your last name private at the public level, please add the W2BA badge to your blog.
33 145
4soberladyz is my personal blog for women in recovery from alcoholism.
Methadone Pretty
33 683

My tentative steps back into a non junky reality and my experiences with Methadone Maintenance Treatment.
Naked Daze with Dave
33 745

The spiritual inward journey to the path of the unknown
My Fabulous Disease
32 338
I'm an HIV+ gay man in recovery from drug addiction. What's not to love? Check out my ongoing video blog with special guests, fun writing, and inspiration!
October O Nine
31 399

I am a suburban housewife with three boys. I am also a recovering alkie who likes to blog about life after booze.
my junkie life
30 312

The everyday life of a recovering alcoholic/addict. This is a blog dedicated to the experience of sobriety and living the 12 steps in our daily life. Finding peace, acceptance, light and love.
Spiritual Condition
30 211
Spiritual writings based on the experience of one sober drunk.
Cathy's Voice Now
30 215
My blog is about sharing my experience, strength and hope. On April 11, 1987, I started a journey of recovery. When people ask me why I share my life and my story so openly, I tell them, ďbecause I have to.Ē I was in my 30′s before I knew anyone e
Blog at
30 348
Invited special surprise guest authors submit a blog entry.

"It is said an Eastern monarch once charged his wise men to invent him a sentence
to be ever in view, and which should be true and appropriate in all times and
situations. They presented him the words: "And this, too, shall pass away.""

~ Abraham Lincoln

Rank Site In Out
Geisha, Interrupted
29 539
The sobriety blog of a former bar hostess in Tokyo.
A Boldness of Spirit
28 223
Straight talk about my addiction and where I was and where I am now. I am honest, loyal, loving and tolerant of other people's religious beliefs even if you are not a believer.
Recovery Quest
28 116
one recovering alcoholic's journey to self-discovery.
Sobriety Girl
28 726

One of the biggest fears of beginning any journey is the unknown. We do not know where the journey will take us and that can be quite scary. What will we uncover? What will we find along the way?
Life Without Beer Goggles
28 547
A recovering alcoholic making it through life and it's challenges.
Recovery Archive
27 541

It's a 'trail of breadcrumbs' for my Sponsees, myself, and for anyone else that finds it useful! It saves me having to repeat myself, and helps me remember what works.
1 door away from heaven
26 567

this is my little journey, of self-examination and getting to the bottom of it.
Ask Recovery Rob
26 41

Ask Recovery Rob is a website for people in the addiction recovery community. Whether you are an addict, living with an addict, or know one, this is a safe place for you to ask for addiction advice an
Hapless Tigger
26 888

humor, recovery, horseracing, kvetching, loving ... or whatever's on my mind, one day at a time.
Bob's Thoughts
25 529
This is my personal Blog where I put down some useful information, thoughts, photographs and pictures, rants and raves, on paper as it is, about my life and times, travels, moutain biking and adventures around the country
Reverend Johnny Dragon
25 191
One thing is for sure, I am on a spiritual journey. I discovered something through my struggles with alcohol and drugs. I needed to connect with something bigger than myself.
Soberity and Prosperity
25 52
My site is about recovery and what has help me to stay sober. I also write about hobbies.
24 414

Gospodi Pomiluj
24 372

Going Sober DOS 6/11/07
Relieve me of the Bondage of Self
24 187
Australian mother of two writes with brutal honesty and dark humour about the challenges she faces every day as she deals with chronic pain, recovery from alcohol addiction, dealing with mental illnes
Journey to Sober Living
23 252

One alcoholic woman's journey of breaking free from the ugliness of a cocoon (drinking) and turning into a beautiful butterfly (sobriety).
I, Agnostic
22 202

as an agnostic, i struggle to find how i fit in with program and how program fits in with me; this is what i know so far
B Here Today
22 402
A blog for people in recovery looking for day-to-day living tools. Often, it's not the major life-events that cause us to use alcohol or drugs after a period of sobriety. We can struggle with sobriet
Trash Can Dream
21 177

Growing in recovery seems, for me, to always come from the sudden ability to see the truth, which is maybe why the process is sometimes slow and sometimes painful.
Amelia Room Blog
20 2148
Alcoholics Anonymous(AA)Recovery topics. Archives and History of the Amelia Room. AA Grapevine Magazine Information. Guest bloggers.

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